Monday, March 23, 2009

More good news

That was Kevin's first post...didn't he do great? I'm proud of him and so thrilled of his achievements, he really deserves this! More good news, my little brother is engaged! He proposed to his cute girlfriend Britanna Kingston who he went to school with and our family has known for the past 7 (ish) years. We're really excited for her to join our family--the big day is June 26th. Congrats guys!

Isn't she a cutie?

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Touro University-California Pharmacy School

We have been accepted to Pharmacy school in Vallejo California. The school is about 45 mins. directly east of San Fransico and about 5 mins. from Robyn's Uncle and Aunt. The school itself sits on Mare Island that used to be an old U.S. Navy base which the school has been renovated from some of the buildings there. The island is really neat it has many old buildings and a few naval ships still sitting in the water. There are a lot of old houses that have been renovated and bought by the medical students. As you drive down the island there are bomb shelters everywhere but they have been covered by grass and trees so they can't be viewed from the air. The pharmacy program at Touro is different from other pharmacy schools because the first two years are didatics and the last two years are clinical rotations which we can go anywhere in the nation to do. So we will most likely come back here to Utah to do the rotations. So we'll only be gone two years. Plus it is a Jewish sponsored school so they have a lot of holidays so we be able to visit Utah.

After many prayers and much fasting it has payed off. I know at times my faith wavered but I am grateful for all my friends and family and their unwavering faith, especially my wife and little girl. I wasn't sure if we would get in this year after only having one interview and the school accepts only 7% out of state students and over 70% of the class is female. So with those odds I know the Lord had helped me and walked me through the interview, because I know without a doubt I wasn't by myself. I am grateful for what I know in my life and the role the Savior plays in it, I wish at times I could say "I did this by myself". . . . . but there is no way I can!!!

I wanted to thank everyone for all your prayers and fasting to help me get in. We are very excited and looking forward to this new adventure in our lives and we know this wouldn't have happened without the faith of all of you!! We have been blessed in many ways.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

California trip

Kassidy watching the waves come up the beach. She was pretty entertained with the water.
Me, Kev, and Kassidy at Muir beach
I love this picture! Kevin and my Uncle Scott were walking with Kassidy down the beach. Isn't this adorable?

Uncle Scott found these gorgeous starfish and was showing them to Kassidy. She was pretty thrilled with all the critters in the tide pools.
This was a picture of Muir Woods where we hiked through and saw the beautiful redwood scenery. It was gorgeous!
Kassidy fell asleep on our walk, but she's somewhere in those blankets.
Golden Gate bridge overlook
So a week later I am finally feeling motivated enough to write about our California trip. Last Friday Kevin had an interview at Touro University in Vallejo, CA, so we decided to make it a family affair and go together. Despite the 12 hour drive in the car and cramped driving conditions (my cousin and her friend came along and had to cram in the back with Kassidy's carseat), Kassidy was a champ and didn't complain or cry once! I don't know how we were so lucky. My uncle and aunt live in Fairfield, not far from the school and were kind enough to let us stay with them. Kevin's interview went well and he felt pretty confident about his performance. I guess we'll just have to wait and see if the interviewers liked him. He did say that he was the only white male at the interview. It seems that the majority of the applicants are female and the rest are "minority" groups, although it seems to us that white males are becoming the minority more and more. Anyway, after the interview stuff we decided to have a little fun in sunny California (the weather was gorgeous by the way and we were sad to come home to 40 degrees and snow on the ground). We toured the Jelly Belly factory, hiked the redwoods in Muir Woods, went to the beach and explored tide pools, saw the Golden Gate bridge, and toured a few historical war sites around the coast. We had a very good time with our family and are so grateful for them for showing us around. We look forward to hopefully living there soon! We should be hearing back from them this week or next week...I'll surely post about it. In the meantime, we're thrilled for our neighbors the Johnson's and their acceptance to pharmacy school! Congrats guys!

Aunt Jennette, Sally and Kassidy hanging out.