Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Moth that wouldn't die

I've always hated moths. They camouflage and wait to pounce when you least expect them. Their strange sporadic flight pattern leaves you never sure which direction they'll fly next. Those creepy antennae give me the willies, and they are just ugly!! This fear was increased after seeing the movie "Mothman Prophecies" (an admittedly stupid movie, but creepy nonetheless) and after an experience at girls camp where I woke up to a moth in my shirt. I'll never know how long it was in there, but just the thought of sleeping the whole night with that little creep touching my skin was enough to really scar me for life.

Anytime an unfortunate moth happens to find it's way into my home, I turn into "that girl". You know, the one who shrieks and freaks out and runs for a big strong man to "Kill it! Kill it!" Luckily, Kevin humors me and promptly kills the moth without any cruel teasing or chasing me with the moth in the tissue. But after our experience last night, I'm afraid he's joined my team of moth haters.

As I entered my room to get ready for bed, I noticed a little brown creep hanging out in the corner, just out of my reach and above our bed. I gave a noticeable shiver and ran for Kevin. I used the excuse that the moth was just out of my reach (it was) and that I hate them (I do) and Kevin came to my rescue. My hero! He grabbed the moth in the tissue, smooshed it pretty good, and threw it in our bathroom garbage. Done.

Or so we thought.

About an hour later when we go to the bathroom for teeth brushing and face washing and what not, the creepy moth is hanging out by the door! What? I thought you killed it? I did, it must not have been all the way dead. So here comes death number two, into the toilet he goes and FLUSH, goodbye! I can sleep easy now. Then Kevin goes to take care of business and sits on the toilet. All is well for a few seconds, until Kevin's face registers utter panic, he jumps off the toilet, unable to stop the flow immediately, and out flies the moth!! That little creep took a swim back up the pipe and popped Kevin right on the bum before his daring escape and landing up high on the light.

You can image my mixed emotions of fear, hatred for the moth, and sheer and utter hilarity of watching Kevin be kissed on the butt by a moth. He said he expected there was a powder mark on his bum from how hard the moth hit him. It was pretty entertaining, and I didn't even stop laughing to kill the dang thing for the 3rd time. I made Kevin pull up his undies and kill it...AGAIN!

Kevin has now joined me in my hatred and fear of moths. He acts hurt that I laughed at his near death experience, but I'm just glad it didn't happen to me.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Kassidy's 4th birthday party

This year I took on the task of throwing my sweet 4 year old her first friend party. Now normally I wouldn't let her have one until she turned 6, but many of our good friends will be moving in the next couple months (on to new jobs, military stations, and their homes), and we used this as an excuse to have a party!

Kassidy picked the theme of "Tangled" (that's the Rapunzel story for those of you who don't know) and we ran with it. I found so many cute ideas on the Disney website here that I felt like I didn't even have to be creative :) Here's what we did, along with lots of pictures--I even left a bunch out!

My aunt and uncle were so sweet to help us out. They helped set up and take down and wrangled kids and entertain my sweet Korbin, who really just wanted me to hold him through the whole party. I wish my mom could've made it out to the party, but I so grateful to have Scott and Jennette here with us!
When the kids came in they colored printout pictures of Rapunzel and gang.
The food was a hit. We had pulled pork sandwiches, chips, grapes, veggies and dip and some cute jello boats that I stole off someone else's blog ;)
Blue jello with orange boats in them. These were a big hit with the kids!
All the cute princes and princesses. Kassidy is one loved little girl!
We played pin the frying pan on Flynn Rider. Kevin free-hand drew this poster for me. He's the best!
Kassidy ended up hitting the picture dead on the nose on the first try, so we gave the prize to second place. The kids were good sports and seemed to enjoy this. Can you tell where we had our party? He he..
Next we made Pascal party blowers, after the cute chameleon Pascal from the movie. Although most of these were broken from too much spit by the end of the evening, the kids loved 'em!

Last, we opened presents and had cupcakes. I took pictures with each kid after Kassidy opened their present, but there's just too many to put up here. I thought this one was cute. This is Kassidy's new friend Soren, and he dressed up like Flynn Rider. So here's Rapunzel and Flynn.
My little Kass was very sweet, with no birthday girl melt-downs (pheww!). She loved her party, and got home and had to play with everything new once before bed.
Now I don't have to do another party for 5 years, right?

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to all the wonderful men in our lives! I am very blessed to be surrounded by wonderful men, some of which are father's and some who are not.

I have a wonderfully creative and inventive father who taught me to have desire to make and create things with my hands. He gave me his creative talents, for which I am very grateful. He is very passionate when he gets an idea and I love watching him work. My father is also a wonderful grandpa and loves my kids so much! I love you Dad :)

I'm also blessed with an amazing father-in-law. Bruce is one of the kindest men I know. He's very generous and always wants to share what he has, no matter how big or small. Bruce is also a wonderful grandpa, and my kids love him, especially when he takes them riding horses or playing in the yard. We love you Bruce :)

We also have adopted my uncle Scott as a surrogate father/grandpa since moving out here to California. He's so sweet to take us under his wing and help us out in times of need. He's such a hard worker and has endless service for those around him. We love you Scott :)

There are many more wonderful men in our lives, including my sweet grandfather's and other men in our church who always lend a helping hand or advice when needed. Here's to you men!!

And last, but definitely NOT least is my sweet husband. Kevin is one top-notch papa! He has a deep love for his children and loves to spend time with them. He is the master at making them laugh and always knows how to cheer up a moody 4 year old (that feels weird to say) or tired baby boy. Kevin is the epitome of "great father" and my kids are SOooo lucky to have him! I'm always amazed by his talent for parenting and he makes me want to be a better mother. I love you honey and I love sharing our family with you. Happy Father's Day!

For Father's Day, I made prints of these pictures and put them in a tri-fold frame for Kevin. He loved it! Although I couldn't make them work side by side for this post, here they are. Happy Father's Day!!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Kassidy is 4

My sweet Kassidy turned 4 this past week and we sure had a fun time celebrating it with her. We did so many fun things that I'll have to break them up into a couple posts. On Kassidy's actual birthday we went to Six Flags with some friends. Unfortunately, the daddies had to work or study :( so it was just the mommies and kids. We have season passes, so it was nice to just go for a couple hours and not feel like we had to make a big long day of it. The weather was very warm, so the kids gravitated towards the fountains. We had a wonderful time!

Here are the kids after lunch. Korbin looks like he's so big!
Riding the Safari jeeps.
Kassidy, Korbin and Finn playing in the fountain.

That evening we let Kassidy open family presents. Grandma Jennette and my cousin Blake came over. We were having a friend party the next night, so this night wasn't too big of a deal. Kassidy sure is a loved little girl though!

Happy Birthday girlie! There are more posts and many more pics to come on her party.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Little girl not so little anymore

All of a sudden my beautiful baby girl is not a baby anymore! Okay, so maybe not "all of a sudden", but it does seem like her toddler-ness is suddenly gone and I have myself a full fledged little girl. Our sweet Kassidy turns 4 this coming week, and even though I keep telling her she can't grow up any more, she's just not listening to me!

We sure are happy to have this sweet little girl in our home. She's the one who made us parents and we have learned so much from her. Kassidy has the sweetest disposition, mixes with the perfect amount of sass and personality. She's so fun! I could sit and talk about all the smart, fun and entertaining things she does all day. We love you Kassidy, thanks for choosing to come to our family!

A girl's got to get pretty in the morning!

Sunday, June 5, 2011


Kevin and I celebrated our 6 year anniversary this past week. I can't believe it's been that long already. Time has flown by and I can't believe all that we've done and seen and made and accomplished in this short time. I love this man more than life itself, and I look forward to many more wonderful anniversaries with him. Love you babe!

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Family Camp Out

Kassidy's been begging to go camping practically every day. Since Kevin still has one last exam to study for, and it's been raining for the past 2 weeks, we decided to have a camp out at home. Kevin made an awesome tent in our little living room, we roasted marshmallows and made smores on the bbq, and we watched a movie and slept in our tent. It was a great family camp out and I think it's appeased Miss Kassidy for at least a few days. In the words of our cute almost-4 year old, "We have the best family, EVER!"
Always willing to share a mallow. He even softened it up a bit for you!
The awesome tent build by Kevin.

My kiddos all cozy in the tent.
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Girls Night Out

A couple weeks ago it was the father-son camp out and Kevin decided to take Korbin for the evening part and not sleep over. So naturally, a girls-night out ensued! My friend Jen and I took our girls out to dinner and then did a little window shopping at the mall. It was a great night, with chit-chat, good food, and the cutest darn 3 year olds ever. I think we should make it a monthly thing :)
At Red Robin with my cute date

The girls with their new friend they made at Old Navy.

Forever 21, hiding out under the tables.

The girls modeling the purses they picked out.