Monday, February 18, 2013


Since there was no school today for President's day, and Kevin happened to be off rotations, I planned for us to go tour the Pixar Studios.  I've always wanted to do this, but it's not open to the public.  We happen to have a friend from church who works there as an artist and he agreed to show us around.  We were so excited!  We invited my aunt and uncle and headed to Emeryville.  It was awesome!  I would love to work there.  It was like a tiny taste of Disneyland.  We ate lunch with our friend Dan and then he showed us around the place.  It was all decorated in Brave memorabilia, and the coolest stuff he showed us we weren't allowed to take pictures of.  Definitely a must-see if you can!

 Buzz and Woody made from Legos.
 Kevin and Korbin with Luigi and Guido.
 Kassidy in front of the giant DunBroch family tapestry from Brave.
 Sully, Mike and Kassidy.

 Kassidy and Violet Incredible.  She loved this!

View from the balcony.

 The famous Cereal Bar.

 Dan explaining some artwork to aunt Jennette.
 All of us in the Brooklyn Building.

 Our family and Dan. Such a fun day!


Cornerstone and Drake's Beach

After a very busy and very church-responsibility filled week, we decided we needed a little family time.  So we packed up the car and set off on an adventure, not really sure where we'd end up.  These are our favorite kind!  We still have so many neat things to see in Northern California before our time is up here.  We stumbled upon a cool artsy garden place called Cornerstone in Sonoma.  It was a beautiful 70 degree day (in February--love it!!) and free!  Win-win!

After 2 hours of wandering and soaking in the sun, we made our way West to the coast.  The temperature dropped a good 20 degrees, but we were determined to fly our new kites somewhere.  We ended up at Drake's Beach on Point Reyes.  The wind cut right through our jackets and destroyed our kites, nearly take the kids with them.  So we only lasted about 45 minutes there.  Oh well.  Good memories!  I love my family time :)

 Pegasus made from driftwood.
 Cool salvage art yard.  I think these were driftwood balls.


Korbin's happenings

With Kassidy going to kindergarten in the mornings, I usually take the time with one less child to run errands, clean the house, and occasionally shower.  Poor Korbin usually just gets drug along or I put cartoons on for him so I can get my things done.  So at least once a week I try to do something special for just him.  Music Makers is one thing we have started doing again.  It's a program run at our church by a group of moms.  Korbin doesn't often actually sing when we're there, but I know he likes it because he sings the songs the rest of the week and always asks to go.  His best bud Andrew goes too, so it's one more reason he loves it!

Korbin is growing into such a sweet and smart little man.  It make me sad that he's needing me less and less, but it's also liberating and necessary since I have another little one needing my attention.  Although he's not ready to potty train yet, Korbin is showing his independence more and more.  He still gives me big bear hugs and frequently comes up and throws his arms around my neck and tells me he "Wubs me".  It melts my heart!  He's such a sweet boy and our family wouldn't be complete without him!

  Here they are singing a song with their puppets.
 Marching with instruments.
 Singing his solo (I think it was "Child of God" this day).

 His daddy doesn't like this picture, but it was too cute!  Doesn't he make a pretty little girl in his sister's nightgown?  What do you expect with 2 sisters?  Girl's clothes are always more fun.

 This boy loves men, especially his Grandpa Scott (who is actually my uncle but since we live so close he is definitely a grandpa to my kids).