Friday, May 27, 2011

Messy face

What do you get when you combine spaghetti dinner and mint oreos for dessert? One very messy, but very cute little man. He sure loves him some real people food! (And he out-eats his sister most every night). We sure love this little guy!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

My recent DIY projects

I feel like I've been overcome with the crafting bug lately. I have little desire to clean during nap time like I really should. Instead, when I get a little mommy alone time (it is precious and much coveted time), these projects have been born. Take a peek if you care!

This first one is our new dresser. I couldn't be happier with it. We found it at our Stake rummage sale for $30! It was already in pretty good shape, but with a little wear and tear. I should have taken a "before" picture, but I forgot. My sweet husband fixed it up for us, added a little stain to the worn spots, fixed the broken drawers, and shined it up. I love it! (Please excuse the clutter of my room. Our apt. is really small and my craft table is jammed in our bedroom. Also, Kassidy was watching a movie when I took this pic).

This is my new church bag. I've been wanting to make this for months! I finally got around to it, and I have to say I'm very pleased how it turned out. It's made out of a thicker, home decor fabric with interfacing between the layers, so it stands up pretty well on its own. I put some cardboard in the bottom between the layers too for a more durable bottom.

Add some pockets for those much needed church trinkets, and there is the perfect bag for my primary binders and papers.

This projects was for my kids to play with quietly at church or whenever. I found the idea here. They are dinosaur play mats, complete with a drawstring bag to hold the dinos.
Finally, here are my decorative pillows for my bed. Made from home decor fabric, and my first time doing piping (or cording, whatever you call it). It was actually a lot easier than I expected, and I was satisfied. I cut open to smooshed and ugly Walmart pillows and stuffed the stuffing in these babies. So they're a little lumpy, but they do the job. Not sure why the pictures are a little fuzzy though...

I have a list of many more projects, and fabric galore in my craft stash waiting to come to life. Happy crafting all!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Giants Game

The Saturday before Easter we were lucky enough to get to go to a Giants baseball game. Our old next door neighbors gave us 2 pairs of his season tickets because he knew Kevin was such a huge Braves fan and the Giants were playing the Braves Saturday. It was the perfect birthday present, and Kevin and Britanna happened to be here to join us!

The weather was perfect, the seats were A-MAZING (12th row on the first base line), and the game was great (especially since the Braves won)! We had a great time, and despite Korbin, Kevin and I still feeling sick, we had a perfect day. We even got a little sunburned. Go Braves! Go Giants!

Cutest little rally baby ever!

Here's a good braces shot if you haven't seen yet ;)

The kids were pooped after a long day and were both asleep by this point.