Monday, September 27, 2010

Blessing Day

We blessed our sweet baby Korbin yesterday in Spanish Fork. We came home to Utah for a little vacation (thanks to a Jewish school with lots of random holidays :)) and decided to do it where most of our family could be present. It was such a beautiful and special day for our family. Kevin gave an amazing blessing! Lets just say I'm excited to see what Korbin's going to do with his life because he was promised some pretty neat things. I hope he lives the way he should so we can see all those blessings come to pass.
We had a great turnout from our family and friends and were so grateful for all the sweet support from everyone. I took a bazillion photos and don't want to post them all here since it takes forever. So here are a few and I'll put the rest on good old facebook.

This is Korbin and his cousin Swasey. She's only 3 weeks younger than Korbin and he looks HUGE next to her!
After church--here's the new Marchant clan!
Korbin is so lucky to have a daddy like Kevin! I hope he follows in his daddy's footsteps :)
Grandma Marchant
Grandma Shelly, Korbin, and Great-Grandma Hicken

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Dance Class

My friend and I decided to sign our daughters up for a dance class taught through the city. It seemed like a good idea since Kassidy loves to dance and is such a little performer. She's not quite old enough for organized sports yet (which Daddy insists she will love), so this seemed the next best thing for this year. After coughing up the registration fee :( we made our way to the store to find a dance outfit. Kassidy picked the brightest pink outfit they had; the one with shiny rhinestones and a tutu. That's my girl! She's been asking to wear it every day for 2 weeks now and calls it her "dance-atard". Makes sense, right?

The big day arrived and we showed up at class. I guess Jen and I should have forseen the issues to come. Kassidy and Sara spent the entire class running around in the back of the room and ignoring all the comments from the teacher to sit down, hold still, get off the mat, stop dancing in front of the mirror, and so forth! They were hysterical to watch and Jen and I just laughed through the entire class. What did the teacher expect when she took on a class of 3 year old girls? These two were adorable and ignored requests to separate from one another. What are friends for if not to get in trouble with you? Well, there's always next week...

I kept taking the picture one second too late after her twirls.

Aren't they adorable? They're just the best of friends and caused quite a bit of mischief for their poor teacher :)

Attempting to do a somersault, or a "roll-over" as her teacher kept calling it. No wonder none of the kids could do it, they didn't know what she was talking about!

Baking cookies

One day while Korbin was napping Kassidy asked if we could bake cookies. She loves helping me in the kitchen and is such a quick learner. We made sugar cookies and decorated them. More of them ended up in our tummies than on a plate in the end. I just love this fun girl!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Marchant visit

Kevin's parents came out to visit us for a quick trip over Labor Day weekend. I really mean quick trip because they spent 2 of the 4 day vacation driving to and from our house. They must really love us! We were excited for them to meet Korbin, he's their 21st grandchild. We spend a wonderful weekend at the beach, touring some historical naval sites on Mare Island, attending church, and then went to the Gold Rush Days in Old Town Sacramento. It was a wonderful weekend and we were sad to see them go. Kevin's parents are such sweet grandparents and love all their grandkids so much, so Korbin was no exception :) Thanks Marchants!

Little man in the carrier on mommy's front.

Getting in a little history on Mare Island. This is at the park and the thing behind us is a semi-suicide missile. Someone had to climb in that top missile and ride it toward the enemy and then release the bottom missile at the right time and hope to get away quick enough. I'd hate to have that job! I'd probably just die of claustrophobia!

It was pretty chilly at Muir beach, so I made a little barrier with the umbrella so Kassidy could build a sand castle. Korbin's hiding back there too in his carseat.