Monday, January 25, 2010


As promised, if anyone cares, here's an update as of late:

With constant rain, yucky colds, and unexpected pukage, I've not felt up to doing much lately. As for January, we started out by celebrating my 24th birthday by having a fun dinner with my aunt, uncle and cousin at a Japanes Hibachi restaurant. It was great food and fun company!

Kevin had last Monday off of school so we spent a fun filled day with friends at Kids Gone Wild, a bouncy play place for the kids to play. THe daddies got a little taste of what we mommies do all day. Scandia has also saved me on a few bored days when all it does is rain, rain, rain.

Other than our occasional outings, not much has been going on here. I'm feeling a little better now and not quite so exhausted all the time, although I still sleep far too much. I'm always hungry too, obnoxious. There's the update, boring but true!

Birthday dinner at Hasui's with the Hicken's

Birthday peanut butter pie at Aunt Jennette's

Sara and Kass having fun in the bounce house

Daniel, Sara and Kassidy playing in a tunnel at Kids gone Wild

Spending a very rainy Tuesday at Scandia

My little princess in her newest dress. She's all girl, as you can tell!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Posts coming soon

Sorry about the lack of posts lately. I've been fighting off a yucky cold, which combined with random pukage has left me drained. I'll find some time to post what we've been doing in the near future....promise!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Coming to the Marchant family July 27th!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Mucho picturos

WE had a very fun two weeks in Utah for Christmas with our family, so I naturally took a bazillion pictures. Don't feel obligated to read or look at my extensive posts, they are pretty much just for myself and family who may not see us much. There are 5 posts below, so keep scrolling!

Christmas in Cali

WE started out our vacation time by having our own Christmas morning, granted it was a week and a half early, but we didn't have room to haul all our crap to Utah and we were having Christmas with 33 other people, making that a great gift in itself. Kassidy gets more and more fun each year, and her reactions were great to all her gifts. If only we were all this thrilled with a bucket of play-dough and a Dora backpack. We had a fun Christmas morning together, complete with a delicious breakfast before packing up and heading to Utah.
What a hottie!

Season passes to Six Flags from my aunt and uncle
Backpack, backpack!
Our princess loving girl :)
Kassidy got a princess tent for Christmas, which she loved. She kept hoarding all her presents in the tent.


We were so excited to leave behind school and get on with our vacation that we decided to leave a day early and surprise Mom by showing up a day early. Boy was she excited! Although she and Karina spotted our not-so-well hidden car and came barreling in to attack us. It was fun to spend the first few days with Mom and my siblings. We loved seeing the beautiful snow and our mountains again. It was great coming home, especially after a tough semester. We spent the first couple days getting in the Christmas spirit, going to the temple, and eating Chinese food with my grandparents. What a great start to the holidays!
Sisters, sisters!
Grandma Shelly helping Kass open presents
Jenny, Samantha and Kassidy
Kassidy loves to play Grandma's piano. I only wish we lived close enough for her to teach Kassidy how to play.

Marchant Mayhem

This year we spent the coveted Christmas Eve and day with the Marchant's. It was a rare year where all 7 kids decided to come to Beaver for the holiday. It was such a fun time with a full house of 36 people. We had a blast playing with all the cousins and siblings. Kevin has such a fun family :) We did the traditional tubing up Merchant valley and surprisingly no one ran into a car this year. Christmas morning was pure mayhem with no real rules, except to have fun, which we definitely did. The kids even let us sleep in until almost 8:00am. And apart from Karen (Kev's mom) not feeling well, everything went off without a hitch. WE ended the fun holiday by going to Richfield to witness Kent blessing their new baby. We sure loved spending time with Kevin's family, they are all so easy to get along with and so fun!

Doodle and Daddy eating snow

In the car trying to thaw out our frozen extremities

Bathtime with cousins

Kurt and Wee-wee in their cute feety jammies

All the kidlets in their new Christmas Eve jammies

Crazy Christmas morn

Grandma and her three 2 year old girls

Christmas morning, the kids all pitched in to get Bruce a new set of binoculaurs

Showing off her beautiful Christmas dress

Kass found one of Melanie's relatives to jam out with at the blessing :)

Kamdon's baby blessing in Richfield

Hicken party

We made our way back to Mom's for a few days and had a blast at the Hicken party. This year it was at Clark and Kelly's. We had way too much fun playing ping pong and eating our hearts out. Eating seems to be a big part of the holidays for us :) The traditional left right game was a must, although Grandpa had us all messed up when he changed the lefts for rights. We all ended up with much dollar store junk, but the coveted item this year was the sham wow, and it was ardently fought over! We also made our way to see Avatar with Sara and Leca. Thanks for babysitting Grandma Hicken!

There was a very intense game of Wii going on between Karina, Sydney and Brittana

Best Cousins

Pinging the Pong at the Hicken partay

ABATAR!!! Yes, I know it's really Avatar, but we say it ABATAR!!

Danny and Mom rocking the 3D shades

Fab five

In between all the crazy traveling, I had time to get together with my favorite girls. We have a tradition of meeting for lunch at Brick Oven every Chrismas. We missed Alyssa this year, but had a fabulous time getting together and catching up. We doubled lunch as a baby shower for Jen, who'll be having her baby boy in about a month, yay!! I love these girls to death and couldn't ask for sweeter friends. I miss you gals!

Our 4 Christmases

Last but not least we made our way north to my Dad's house in Woods Cross. WE had our final Christmas where we were again spoiled. Our four days here were fun filled and relaxing. We went sledding (pics on other camera which I will upload later), had a New Years Eve party, ate WAY too much food, saw Sherlock Holmes with all the grown up kids, and had a dinner date with Dad and Cathy. We had a really good time with my family and were sad to leave.

Kassidy in her "Sully" jacket (we called it that because it was blue and fuzzy just like Sully from Monsters Inc.)

My Dad gave Kevin one of his homemade knives for Christmas, and he was really excited!

Kassididdle and Uncle Logan playing with her new dollhouse

Me and Nina at Temple Square. I love this girl!!