Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Happy Birthday Hubby!

Saturday was Kevin's birthday, so although it's a few days late, Happy Birthday Babe! We couldn't be more blessed to have such an amazing husband and father in our lives. Kevin goes above and beyond with everything he does for us. He is so sweet and caring with Kassidy and she loves him to pieces. I'm excited to see how different the dynamics are with baby #2, because he sure has a soft spot for his Kassidy :) Kevin spent most of his birthday studying (darn school) and then the rest fixing up an old Radio Flyer tricycle we bought for Kassidy at a yard sale. THat's how selfless he is...he spent most of his birthday doing things for others. We did get to go out to eat with my aunt and uncle at Tahoe Joe's...yum! It was a nice day and I'm so grateful to have Kevin with us forever!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Belly Bulge

Kassidy is getting pretty excited about her baby brother coming and keeps asking about him. When she comes with me to my doctor appointments, she gets pretty upset when he doesn't get to "come out" that day. I haven't loved having my picture taken during this pregnancy, not really sure why. Oh, maybe it's because I've blown up like a blimp with this pregnancy and I stayed really small with Kass. Kassidy is always saying thank you for baby brother in her prayers and loves to pretend she's pregnant too! Funny girl :)

23 week belly

Profile pic


Fun with Friends

Here are a few random pictures of the fun things we've been doing with our friends lately. Kassidy and I went to Habitot~ this children's museum in Berkley with our friends. She had a blast and it was a fun day. We've been blessed with great friends out here in California :)

Kassidy and Daniel on the merry go round

Sleeping Beauty Kassidy and Snow White Sara

Firefighter Kassidy

Kassidy was quite the artist painting on the wall

Kurt and Whitney come to visit

During March we had Kevin's brother and wife come out for a visit for their spring break. We were thrilled to see them since we used to live within 5 minutes of them and saw them almost ever day. We've been missing our Kurt and Whit!! We had a great time showing them the sights of California. The weather cooperated perfectly and we had a wonderful week. Here are a few pictures of our staycation and Kurt and Whitney's vacation.

Kurt and Whit with the Golden Gate Bridge in the background

Oakland Temple

In San Francisco at Pier 49

Bonita Point overlooking the Pacific Ocean

At Muir beach enjoying the 80 degree weather

My cute sis-in-law Whitney

Waiting to ride Thomas the Train

Kurt and Kassidy on the Looney Tunes Balloon ride

Whitney and Kassidy enjoying the swings

Cute brothers in their matching swimsuits

WAY behind!

So after my Grandma said that she doesn't know what's going on with me, I realized that it's been 2 months since my last post. I'm blaming it on faulty internet and lack of motivation. So here comes a bunch of posts in my attempt to catch up. We've been doing a lot of fun things lately~ so bear with me!