Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Happy Birthday Hubby!

Saturday was Kevin's birthday, so although it's a few days late, Happy Birthday Babe! We couldn't be more blessed to have such an amazing husband and father in our lives. Kevin goes above and beyond with everything he does for us. He is so sweet and caring with Kassidy and she loves him to pieces. I'm excited to see how different the dynamics are with baby #2, because he sure has a soft spot for his Kassidy :) Kevin spent most of his birthday studying (darn school) and then the rest fixing up an old Radio Flyer tricycle we bought for Kassidy at a yard sale. THat's how selfless he is...he spent most of his birthday doing things for others. We did get to go out to eat with my aunt and uncle at Tahoe Joe's...yum! It was a nice day and I'm so grateful to have Kevin with us forever!


Kerri Jex said...

Kassidy is such a mini Robyn! She's so cute! I hope the pregnancy is going well.

Losee Family said...

Happy Birthday!

Kent said...

Kevin I don't know if you know this but your not left handed! If you don't believe just try to wipe with your left and after you fall off the toilet you'll realize you are forever a righty!