Monday, November 28, 2011

Korbin cutie

This little guy knows just how to push my buttons and simultaneously melt my heart! He makes me laugh so much and brings such joy to our family. We love having Korbin in our lives! Lately he's been so busy climbing in and on and over EVERYTHING! I have to keep a close eye on him. It's funny to watch where he likes to hide and play. He likes tiny corners and little spaces. I think a new one this month will be hiding underneath the Christmas tree. We love you Korbin!

Kevin was hiding mandarin oranges on and around Korbin and he thought it was so funny!

Saturday, November 26, 2011


My family has all gone home. The apartment is vacuumed and clean once more. Leftovers are stocking the fridge. The Christmas tree and decorations are up. The kids are sleeping soundly in the other room. I feel so content and blessed tonight! We just spent a wonderful few days with my side of the family who came out to visit for Thanksgiving. We had a jam packed few days full of adventure, good food, and even better company. Best part was when my mom said this was her favorite Thanksgiving EVER! We had a good time to say the least. Here are the highlights:

First stop, The Jelly Belly Factory. We've been here way too many times, but it's a must when family comes to visit.

Me and cousin Sara with our Jelly Belly boyfriend.
We woke up Thanksgiving morning to wild turkeys outside our apartment. Kassidy asked if we shot one of those turkey's to eat.
Thanksgiving dinner was at my aunt and uncle's home. We had a big group and wonderful food! This was a first for the Hicken family to have Thanksgiving in California and mostly be together. These are my beautiful ginger cousins :)
Aunt Jennette can cook up a storm!
Cousins Sara and Justin
The Hicken clan. Everyone but Clark and Kelly's family and my brother and wife were here.
Next came a little turkey induced nap time.
The next day we broke off into groups and went wherever the wind took us. Our breeze took us to the city and sight seeing. We stopped at the Marin headlands overlook of the bridge, then went to Fort Point, had a picnic, and ended with a drive down Lombard street.

Kassidy loves to take over the camera and many of the pictures I posted were taken by her!
From Kassidy' viewpoint
On top of Fort Point. Amazing view of the bridge and bay!
Me and sweet mama!

We had a fabulous week and wish it could've lasted longer.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween

We had a wonderful Halloween in California! The weather was warm, almost too warm--about 76 while trick-or-treating and in the 80's during the day. It didn't feel very fallish, but at least we didn't have to wear coats while trick-or-treating. We had an eventful day full of too much candy, lots of walking and finished with even more candy. The kids had a good time, and we exhausted ourselves because we were all in bed early. I already posted these on facebook so these are pretty much for my grandparents to see. Happy Halloween!

Sweet Dorothy

The whole group (minus a lion) at the ward trunk-or-treat. All the costumes were homemade which made it even more fun! Although the face paints scared our sweet Korbin :)