Sunday, September 28, 2008

Farewell 2nd ward!

So Kass is picking up on the copy-cat stage of life that most little kids go through. It's amazing to watch her and see how much of what we do rubs off on her. I guess it's a little incentive to only do good things so she doesn't give our faults away by doing them in public! Today at church she did a couple of these copy cat acts. First, Kassidy took my chapstick and started writing on the chalkboard and talking like she was teaching a class. She picked this up from assisting Kevin in his study group he teaches twice a week at the University. Second, Kass has learned how to throw things in the garbage can, which is good when she throws away the right things. We always clap for her when she throws a piece of garbage away, so today at church Kev gives her a piece of Laffy Taffy (he hides treats in his suit and pulls them out to coax Kass to be his buddy, like she isn't already enamored with him) and tells her to throw the wrapper away. She does and then turns to us and starts clapping and yells, "Yay!" right in the middle of class. Everyone turned around and laughed. Kids, gotta love 'em! Today was also our last day in the 2nd ward since Kevin and I just got released and we no longer live in the ward boundaries. We both gave talks in sacrament today and were replaced in our callings, so we're free to go to our new ward. It's really quite sad and we'll miss all the wonderful people and Bishop Rees. See you around friends!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

BaCk To SnOw CoLleGe

Last weekend we made a quick day trip to Ephraim to go say congratulations to Kevin's old Chemistry professor who was retiring. Kev's mom came with us and while we were there we watched the football game. I took some pictures of Kev and Kassidy that I thought were really cute. Kassidy has this glowing adoration for her father. She always wants to be around him, but then, who wouldn't? This sometimes makes me feel a little like chopped liver, but Kevin is a great dad and I'm grateful for his involvement in helping raise his daughter. Kevin is a very hands-on dad, never afraid to change a diaper or take Kassidy out and play with her just the two of them. I don't know how I was so lucky to find a man like him!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

All is well

Hmmm...I really need to get a life so I have something wonderful to post about. As usual, Kevin and I are totally immersed in school and busy as all get out. Kassidy is a peach and has adapted well to the new schedule and unfamiliar adults watching her at daycare every day. We're truly blessed to be able to get our education and love it as much as it is possible to love something you dread doing every day:) I promise to take some pics and put them up soon...Kass is growing like a weed and cuter every day.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

From the world of a first grader

So I've been thoroughly enjoying my experience in first grade these past two weeks. Hard to believe that a bunch of six year olds could make you laugh and want to scream in the same minute. But I'm really lucky to have such an amazing mentor teacher who works with me and helps me learn what I'm supposed to. I've been teaching a unit on self and community and we had a lesson on friends the other day. The kids make accordion style books and drew pictures of their friends in them. One of my cute little boys asked if he could put me and Mrs. Prisbrey in the book. This is the beautful illustration that followed:

Yes, it's true, I have a skullet! Isn't this hilarious? I loved it and needed to share it with you all. Besides that I just wanted to thank my Dad & Cathy for letting us come and visit this weekend. Thanks for entertaining us, we had a blast playing with you all!