Tuesday, November 18, 2008


So I've been the biggest slacker blogging lately...too much going on I guess. Kass and I are fighting our yucky colds and trying to make it through just one more week of school. I've been thinking a lot lately, trying to decide what to do with my life now that I'm finished with school. Do I job hunt? Do I substitute, stay home with Kassidy, work at the daycare??? Too many hard decisions and not enough information about our future to decide. It sucks not knowing what's coming next, but I guess that's what makes life exciting, eh? Pretty much I think I've worn out the Lord with all my pleas and begs for guidance (and health). I'm grateful he listens to me and doesn't tell me to stop whining. Only three days left of school and I'm hanging on for dear life, trying to stay motivated and not get too sad about leaving my favorite kids in the world. It's amazing how much those little buggers can affect you, I love them all so much! Here's a picture of my cute nephew at our wedding. THis was at the Salt Lake Temple in the mirro pond and is one of the coolest pictures ever! My photographer bro-in-law took it...he's amazing! This is pretty much how I feel this week, wet elbows and all!

Monday, November 10, 2008

The final countdown

I've got that great song in my head, "It's the final countdown! Da da dun dun, da duh dun dun dun...!" It's great, but that's how I feel with only 9 more days of student teaching left to go! Wahoo! It's been a great experience, but I'm really excited to be to the end of my formal schooling, for now anyway. I just finished my TWS (Teacher work sample), which is like the big project you have to do before graduating and finishing your clinical practice, and I'm feeling pretty elated. It's a good feeling to accomplish something big like that and feel proud of your work. Now I can focus on worrying about Kevin and getting into pharmacy school...

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

High School Tag

Thanks for the tag Lindsay! This one looks fun.

2.WHAT KIND OF CAR DID YOU DRIVE? I didn't have my own car until college, so I shared the good old Windstar mini van with my mom, but we sure had some good times with the double sided doors and automatic closing buttons:)
5. WERE YOU CONSIDERED A FLIRT? You'd have to ask the boys that, but I don't think so.
7. WERE YOU A NERD? No, but I did well in school
8. WERE YOU ON ANY VARSITY TEAMS? Can you say "Athletically Challenged"?
10. CAN YOU STILL SING THE FIGHT SONG? Um, I don't think I could even sing it in high school.
11. WHO WERE YOUR FAVORITE TEACHERS? Mrs. Dart and Carrie Christensen
12. WHERE DID YOU SIT FOR LUNCH? In the commons against the wall or in between the main doors.
13. WHAT IS YOUR SCHOOL'S FULL NAME? Spanish Fork High School
14. WHAT IS YOUR SCHOOL'S MASCOT AND COLORS? Go Don! That's like a fancy zorro guy, and our colors were red and gray and every year at the opening assembly our principal would say that if you cut him he'd bleed red and gray.
15. DID YOU GO TO HOMECOMING AND WITH WHO? Yes, Braden Jex. Awesome night! We had a blast!
16. IF YOU COULD GO BACK AND DO IT AGAIN WOULD YOU? No because I had a pretty great high school experience with no regrets. I'm afraid I'd screw something up if I went back, plus I love growing up and getting married and having my sweet baby! Looking back now I realize that life just keeps getting better and better.
17. WHAT DO YOU REMEMBER MOST ABOUT GRADUATION? I was really nervous, I thought I would mess up my graduation speech or trip on my gown because I was the first one to walk and everyone was watching. And I was also afraid of telling the graduating class to move their tassle from the wrong side, lame huh?
18. WHERE DID YOU GO SENIOR SKIP DAY? Um, I pretty much just sluffed whenever I felt like it and used the excuse that I was doing 'council stuff' and Carrie would excuse it. I think I probably went somewhere with John, but I can't remember.
19. WERE YOU IN ANY CLUBS? Yeah, Fondu Freestylers, National Honors Society and some others that I never actually went to the meetings.
20. HAVE YOU GAINED SOME WEIGHT SINCE THEN? Um, hello...I've had a baby. You decide.
21. WHO WAS YOUR PROM DATE? John Frampton both years.
22. ARE YOU PLANNING ON GOING TO YOUR 10 YEAR REUNION? I think I might be burnt out from having to plan the 5 year reunion and I already call dibs on not having to do the 10 year. But maybe.
23. DID YOU HAVE A JOB IN HIGH SCHOOL? Shopko...I lived there.

I tag Jenny, Christy, Janna, Kristin, Whit and Mel.

Monday, November 3, 2008


So our Halloween weekend was full of fun! Kassidy was a blast to dress up and take to the trunk-or-treat. She and her buddy Brynn were pretty intimidated by the bigger kids and Jenny and I practically drug them around, but it was a good experience. We made off with way more candy than I would have liked (because I know I'll end up eating much of it)! The rest of the weekend was nerve-racking as Kevin and I had to prepare our talks for Stake Conference. It actually went a lot better than I expected, although I really would have preferred not to cry at all. Kevin was amazing, of course, and I think mine was decent. It was a great experience and very humbling to speak with amazing people like our Stake Presidency and the St. George Temple President. Anywho, here's a couple pics of Kassidy and her cute witch buddy Brynn.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Stake Conference

So I just finished writing my talk for Stake Conference tomorrow. I'm feeling a bit of sickness is my belly just thinking about it! Pray for me that I can make it through the entire 10 minutes without puking or forgetting what I was saying! Oh yeah, and don't come listen.