Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The past month in pictures

Here's what we've been up to in photo form:

 Drawing feet pictures with our sweet neighbor Rebecca.

Family day trip to Bodega Bay

 Napa Castle Wine tour

Sunday, September 9, 2012


I've kind of gotten sick of updating my blog lately.  Not for lack of things to post, just lack of motivation.  So if you care here's a brief update on us, without any pictures because I'm too lazy right now  :)

Kevin: Has been working extremely hard back at school.  He's now a 4th year pharmacy student at Touro and doing his clinical rotations. He's working at a hospital in St. Helena, so he has a hefty commute and LONG hours each day.  He never complains though and works so hard doing everything that is asked of him.  He is a great asset to each place he is sent and is learning a lot about the world of pharmacy and institutional facilities.  Kevin also is serving in our church as the secretary to the bishop, which keeps him pretty busy in his free time setting up appointments and calling people.  He never slacks off, even when there's too much to do and not enough hours to do it.  He's such a great example to me of a righteous man and I am so blessed to have him as my partner!

Kassidy:  Is loving kindergarten and being big.  She is learning to read and gobbling up everything at school so quickly!  She'll even get her homework done for the entire week in one 20 minute sitting.  I hope she always has this appetite for leaning and drive!  Kass has been my big helper lately since it's getting harder to see my feet and pick things up.  She's great to play well with her brother in the afternoons and let mommy have a break :) Kass moved up the top bunk last month and loves feeling like a big girl up there in her own space.

Korbin:  Is loving his one-on-one time with mommy each day!  We play trains and cars and run errands and watch movies and read books just the two of us.  I hope I'm not creating a monster by giving him all this attention now and then taking it away soon.  Korbin is talking up a storm and says sentences that surprise us and people around us!  He still loves cars and dump trucks and all things BOY.  It's fun to watch him and Kassidy play together where they each play with their desired characters: him with trucks and cars and "bad-guys" and her with princesses and fairies and mommies.  Korbin is sleeping in him big boy bunk bed and loving it!  And he'll still take a 2 hour nap for me, which is great!!

Me: I'm currently 37 weeks pregnant and starting to feel like my body has been invaded permanently :)  I love being pregnant and have had a pretty easy pregnancy thus far, but I'm about done.  So ready to get this baby out and meet him or her!  I'm staying busy doing all things mommy and I'm super impressed with myself when I manage to cook dinner 6 days out of the week.  I'm losing steam though and ready for the hot summer to end and for my mom to come visit us.  I keep busy with primary jobs, errand running, crafts (I've been sewing a lot lately), play dates for my kids, helping with homework, and occasional crash naps on the couch.  We are happy and doing well (except for some minor apartment drama, bleh) and looking forward to some fun changes in our family within the next few weeks!!