Saturday, January 29, 2011

New "Do"

I was in desperate need of a change. I was starting to look like I did in high school (minus the skinny bum) and my long hair was beginning to be used like horsey reins by my baby. Plus, it's just looking mousey and I needed something fresh.

Excuse the spastic face and baby snot on my right shoulder. I felt a little weird taking my own picture in the mirror :) I love the short and easy do and Kevin loves the blonde. Only Kassidy is a little disappointed. She keeps asking if my hair will grow back long to the ground like Rapunzel's. Silly girl! Change is good :)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Trying new things

If you had asked me a few months ago how I felt about skinny jeans, I would have given you an earful about the horrible style, how unflattering they are on almost every body type, the bizarre colors they come in, and how I would never be caught DEAD in a pair. So why is that I now have not one pair in my closet, but two?

I love the comment that they are called skinny jeans, not wish-you-were-skinny jeans! So why have I caved and got myself some? I'm not really sure. I think maybe curiosity had something to do with it. Why would so many women wear them if they were too horrible? Second, I've reached pre-pregnancy weight and I'm very bored with my wardrobe (what is it about getting back to your desired clothesize that makes you want new clothes?). Finally, a bargain was what initially got me into the pants. I found a pair of skinny jeans from Target for a mere $7.00. Who can pass up a bargain like that?! Isn't it sad that an inexpensive price tag changed my cemented opinion of something? Well, I guess I'm just cheap :)

As for the pants, they're not as bad as I first supposed. I think I'll occasionally wear them, as long as my behind is covered by a longer shirt or sweater. I'd love to hear your thoughts and opinions on the "skinny trend".

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

MaZageens and Nazguls

Do you remember these things? 20 points if you knew that this is a Nazgul from Lord of the Rings. Welcome to the nerd club. If you'll recall, the Nazgul makes a horribly evil screeching sound as it's descending to slaughter the happy elves and dwarfs and such. We happen to have one such Nazgul living in our home.
Don't let his adorably kissable cheeks or big brown eyes fool you. This little Nazgul has the most ear piercing screech known to man (or elf). He chooses to employ this screeching power at the precise moment after I've put my head down on the pillow and begin to drift off to la-la land. How does he know when this precise moment will be? Nazgul powers. He has them.

We desperately love our little Nazgul, but I'm actually starting to wonder if they make shock collars for babies. You know, the kind that gives a minor volt for barks, or Nazgul shrieks. Okay, so maybe that's not acceptable by society. Any other suggestions? A muzzle maybe?

*Side note: If you're confused by the other part of the title, Nazgul's big sister says MaZageen for magazine, and it just rolls off the tongue when paired with Nazgul. Must be all the zzzzzzzzz's (which have been stolen from a very exhausted Nazgul mommy :)

Monday, January 17, 2011

Way behind-Christmas catch up

I'm feeling swamped by my lack of posts and need to catch up. No real excuse, just that I'm tired and don't want to backlog a month's worth ( a very busy month) of posts. So here's a mini version of our Christmas with probably only 1/20 of the pictures I took! If you don't care, don't scroll down, lot's of pictures :)We enjoyed an early Christmas at home in California with our little family. We were spoiled by each other :0
Korbin got a mirror to stare at his cute big baby face all day. He loves it!
All Kassidy asked Santa for was a pink computer so she could do homework with Daddy. Santa delivered and we had one very happy 3 year old!
Future baller, just like Daddy :)

We started out our Utah Christmas break at my mom's house in Spanish Fork. We had a family party and a way too early start to present opening (hence the sleepy faces).

Kassidy loves her uncle Daniel and he's a really good sport to play with her always :)
We love our Grammy!

Lot's of time was spent with my favorite people-my grandparents.
Many tea parties and princess dress-up sessions later, we were done with phase 1 of 3.

Next we went down south to Beaver:
We had a big snowstorm while in Beaver and took full advantage since we are missing our white Christmas in California. Kass and I made a snow-blob.
Better than a horse!

The Marchant clan went to go see "Tangled" in Cedar City. Kassidy insisted on loudly exclaiming which part was coming up next since she'd already seen it.
Doing puzzles with Grandma and cousins was a highlight for Kassidy.

We finished up our Christmas break at my dad's house in Bountiful.
Daddy and Grandpa introduced Korbin to guns and leather work, which I'm sure will fill many of his future Christmas gifts :)
We had a fun Christmas with all our families and enjoyed our time home. It went by way too quickly!! Although, it's good to be home and in our own beds again. We are counting down: Only 2 more Christmases until we are hopefully back in UTAH!