Monday, January 17, 2011

Way behind-Christmas catch up

I'm feeling swamped by my lack of posts and need to catch up. No real excuse, just that I'm tired and don't want to backlog a month's worth ( a very busy month) of posts. So here's a mini version of our Christmas with probably only 1/20 of the pictures I took! If you don't care, don't scroll down, lot's of pictures :)We enjoyed an early Christmas at home in California with our little family. We were spoiled by each other :0
Korbin got a mirror to stare at his cute big baby face all day. He loves it!
All Kassidy asked Santa for was a pink computer so she could do homework with Daddy. Santa delivered and we had one very happy 3 year old!
Future baller, just like Daddy :)

We started out our Utah Christmas break at my mom's house in Spanish Fork. We had a family party and a way too early start to present opening (hence the sleepy faces).

Kassidy loves her uncle Daniel and he's a really good sport to play with her always :)
We love our Grammy!

Lot's of time was spent with my favorite people-my grandparents.
Many tea parties and princess dress-up sessions later, we were done with phase 1 of 3.

Next we went down south to Beaver:
We had a big snowstorm while in Beaver and took full advantage since we are missing our white Christmas in California. Kass and I made a snow-blob.
Better than a horse!

The Marchant clan went to go see "Tangled" in Cedar City. Kassidy insisted on loudly exclaiming which part was coming up next since she'd already seen it.
Doing puzzles with Grandma and cousins was a highlight for Kassidy.

We finished up our Christmas break at my dad's house in Bountiful.
Daddy and Grandpa introduced Korbin to guns and leather work, which I'm sure will fill many of his future Christmas gifts :)
We had a fun Christmas with all our families and enjoyed our time home. It went by way too quickly!! Although, it's good to be home and in our own beds again. We are counting down: Only 2 more Christmases until we are hopefully back in UTAH!


Misty Call said...

Looks like a fun Christmas being back home. It really does go by too fast. And I saw you got the Hunger Games for Christmas. I just finished the 3rd book last night (I read all 3 books in 4 days) and I LOVED it!!!

Carolyn said...

Your family is SO freakin cute! Kassidy is so beautiful. PS- Uncle Danny is so big. Keep writing and posting pictures!

Ryan and Steph Dudley said...

I know what you mean about just not feeling like posting. But I love seeing your new posts! Looks like you had a fun Christmas!