Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Time for an update

I always let myself get way behind on blogging and then slop together a bunch of posts.  Well, I did it again!  Christmas is finally updated in 5 posts following this one.  We have been busy with life in general and have many exciting changes coming up soon that we'll update on soon.  As for January, I've  had a birthday and am adjusting to life with 3 kids.  It's wonderful, exhausting, heart-warming, challenging, and perfect, all rolled up in one!  

 For my birthday we invited my aunt and uncle over for sushi and cake.  Red velvet, my favorite :) 27 will be a good year!

Keep reading below for updates on our Christmas trip and LOTS of pictures!

Christmas in WX

Our last stop was at my dad's house for a little R and R from the rest of the vacation.  It was nice to just hang out and not do much for 3 days.  We did go out for Chinese one day and went to my brother Kevin's house for some more "Just Dance 3" on the Wii.  Apparently we love this game!

 Grandpa Russon and McKinley

 Uncle Logan and Korbin playing princesses with Kassidy.
 Great Grandma DJ and McKinley.
 These two were too cool to play the Wii with us.
 Luke and McKinley, cute cousins.


Meet Maryn Gray

On our way to our last family stop of our Utah trip, we stopped at Kristin's house to meet our newest niece, Maryn Gray.  She is such a sweet little baby and her and McKinley are only 3 months apart so they will be great buddies when they are a bit bigger.

 Kristin always looks so great after having kids!  And this is her 6th kid too!  So not fair :)


Christmas in Spanish Fork

Next we were off to my mom's for some more fun! We had a blast at the annual Hicken party where we opened crackers (becoming my new favorite holiday tradition) with paper crowns inside and played the left right present game.  My cousin Emily and her new husband Isaac came for a stay and New Years was spent playing "Just Dance 3" on the wii and staying up late for chats.  We also went to see the Hobbit and my cute Grandma Hicken babysat for us.  It was so fun to spend time with all my siblings and for everyone to meet McKinley. Grandma Hicken hogged her the most though :) I think she likes babies!

 We played some "Minute-to-win-it" games that were hilarious to watch.  Here you have to get the rubber band from your nose to your neck without touching it.


Christmas in Beaver

Our first stop in Utah was to Beaver to see the Marchant clan.  We were so excited because 5 of the 7 siblings were able to be there while we were staying.  Kim's family couldn't make the drive out and Kristin just had sweet baby Maryn a week earlier.  Our time was spent playing in the gorgeous snow, watching movies, playing games, and lots of eating!  Karen is the most gracious hostess and so patient with us all descending on her for a while.  
 Korbin wanted to drive the four wheeler rather than be pulled behind. 

 Nice face Kent :) But Karter's dang cute!
 Awesome snow four-wheeler that Kelli and Cory built.

 Maddax photo bomb

 This one makes me laugh so hard!

 That's my boy!  Playing in the snow isn't complete without full baseball gear, courtesy of Grandma's garage.

 And a little cousin wrestling with Kamdon.  These two were hilarious!