Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Christmas in California

For the first time since moving here to California, we decided to stay home for the actual Christmas day and then drive out to Utah afterwards.  It made for a much more stress-free holiday without having to worrying about which house Santa would find us at and how to make Christmas break fair divided among 3 families.  I really enjoyed doing it just our little family.  The kids were wonderful and very well behaved and didn't make us regret spoiling them for Christmas!  We had a great time at home before our 2 weeks in Utah.  Here's some documentation:

I can't believe I have 3 beautiful children!  So blessed.  This pic was on our Christmas card.
 Christmas includes lots of yummy treats :)
 The real Santa comes to Jelly Belly factory, didn't you know?
 Decorating gingerbread men.  The one in the speedo was done by daddy, of course...
 Christmas Eve trip to see the lights at the Oakland temple.  We took two shots because the flash showed our faces but without it you could see the temple. 

 Christmas Eve jammies and Angry Birds board game.
  Korbin must have been good because he got his McQueen Hawk he'd been asking for!

 Kevin was good too because his wifey is awesome and bought him a Rossi 410 lever action shotgun.  Never mind that it didn't work and had to be returned to the manufacturer and he won't get it back for 6 weeks ( grrr).  At least he knows he's loved!

 The mess after all the presents were opened.

 Christmas lunch with our sweet California family.  Here's Kassidy and "grandma" Jennette.

Merry Christmas!

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