Monday, August 29, 2011

Swimming part 2

What would summer be without lots of swimming? I have to say I think this was my very favorite part of our Utah trip. The Marchant family all went to family night at the Beaver pool Monday night. We had a fabulous time swimming together, and we practically had the whole pool to ourselves. They have a great kid pool and grandma Marchant even got it! It was a great night.
Playing chicken

Korbin found these goggles and wanted to put them on himself.
So he tried,
and tried,
and finally, success! What a proud little face!
And then we came home and I put Kassidy in the tub. I went to grab her pajamas and came back to find she had a buddy in the tub with her. What a fun aunt Whitney!

Bullion Falls

One day in Beaver we decided to take a drive past the Big Rock Candy Mountain and up towards Marysvale to go see Bullion Falls. Someone (cough, Kevin) seemed to remember a "simple" hike to see them and thought it would be doable for us all. While the hike was only about a mile, it was a VERY steep uphill the entire time and not a kid friendly hike. Too bad, since we had 16 kids doing the hike. I just have to say that I am grateful for all the buff men in our family doing the hike, or else we never would have made it. Swasey and Korbin did the hike too, so pretty much everyone hiking was carrying a small kid or helping a kid down to the falls. In the end, we all made it there and back safely. The waterfall was beautiful and it was definitely a memorable trip!


Summer days

While in Beaver, on the 24th of July afternoon, we made our way up to Upper Kent's Lake for a few hours of cool fun. The kids had a blast in the water, and nobody drowned, so it was a successful day. We took the canoe up and Scott had a good time pulling the kids around on an old log behind the canoe.
Kassidy, Swasey, and grandma Marchant

Shade loungers: Kevin, Kim, Lydie (sleeping), Whitney, and Bruce
Dirty kids are happy kids :)

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Historic Land of Four Seasons

Slowly but surely I'm whittling away at our Utah trip. So bear with me post by post :)

Next we went to visit Kevin's family in Beaver. We tease and call it the Historic Land of 4 Seasons because Beaver used to have a billboard that said that when you entered the town. Like no other town has four seasons? Funny. But we really do love coming home to Beaver. It was the 1st place Kevin and I lived as a married couple, and the surrounding areas are so beautiful. My kids love coming to Grandpa Bruce's house because they have a great yard, and horses! We were blessed to have 5 of the 7 Marchant siblings there with us (we sure missed Kelli and Kent's families), so it was a FULL house! 30 people and not much room makes for a wonderful time. We spent a lot of time outside on the deck and playing in the mountains.

Korbin found some "swords" and his cousins entertained him for hours. They need to come visit us because Korbin just loved all the boy time and attention.
Kassidy's getting over her fear of horses, as long as Grandpa's nearby. She and Jared rode Murphy for about an hour in the hot sun. Bruce was such a good sport to walk them around for that long. I think he loves it as much as they do!
These two look more like siblings than cousins :)
Feeding Murphy carrots from the garden. Shhhh, don't tell Grandma!
Aunt Wee-wee and Korbie.
Cute niece Lyndie and her cool kool-aid stache.

The Beaver parade was more than we expected. In fact, most of us left before it was over because it went so long! But even Korbin knew what to do when they threw candy in the road.
Some of the gang. The rest went fishing.

Sunday, August 21, 2011


This is taking me forever to update our Utah trip! Oh well. I figure it took me 3 weeks to take all these pictures, so it'll take me at least that long to blog about them all. And I figure it's a little more fun to read about them little by little, instead of in one HUGE post! So bear with me (if you even care).

We did lots of swimming on our summer vacation since the weather was HOT. Here's Kevin and Korbin at the Spanish Fork pool and then us all at Seven Peaks.
My cute sisters rocking their shades :)

At the end of our Seven Peaks night there were even fireworks going off nearby. Korbin loved 'em!
*Two New Posts Below


While home I was able to go to lunch with two of my best friends from high school. We try and make a habit of getting together at Christmas and over the 24th of July when most of us are home visiting family. My friend Marie also stopped by my house for a chat, but I didn't take any pictures. We went to our favorite place in Provo, Brick Oven (it's a tradition) and caught up on everything. I love these girls! We can get together once a year or less and it's like we never missed a day. I guess that's how bosom buddies are :) We had a wonderful time and I love hearing about all their blossoming families. I just missed getting to see Alyssa, who's in Michigan.*Another New Post Below!

Korbie's 1st haircut

Along with turning 1, Korbin had another 1st--his first haircut! We are a short-hair family, meaning we like our boys to have a clean look. I'm pretty sure Kevin will never let our future teenage boys wear the shaggy look :) So Kevin gave Korbin his first haircut. It was pretty entertaining to watch, as well as a little sad to see those baby locks fall off. But Korbin's hair was getting a little long and curly and had this weird old man comb over.

The first swipe made Korbin nervous.
Here's a close-up of the old man comb over.

He was so done at this point. Get me out of here!!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Baby Boy turns 1!

While we were in Utah my sweet little Korbin turned one year old! It's crazy to think that a year has gone by already, but I also feel like he's always been in our family and I can't imagine our lives with this sweet little boy. We were blessed to have our family come and celebrate with us on his special day. We held a little dinner at my mom's house and let Korbin open presents. Well, Kassidy actually did most of the present opening, but that's to be expected! Korbin didn't really know what was going on, but he was cute and excited through it all.

Kevin made Korbin an awesome baseball cake and I made cupcakes for everyone. We had a great time and were so happy to have this occasion with some of the people we love most in this world! Happy birthday sweet Korbin Moroni! You mean the world to us and we are very proud to call you our son :)

Birthday boy
Korby and Grandma Marchant
Korby and Great-grandma Hicken
Big sis was a great helper through the present process.

Of COURSE he got a baseball toy. Did you worry?

He really wasn't too excited about the cake and didn't dig in like we expected. Although it was WAY past nap time, so he poked at it once, cried, and I put him down to sleep. Oh well, there's next year's cake! Kassidy loved having all the attention be on her brother. She sure loves this little guy :)
Happy birthday Korbin!