Saturday, August 13, 2011

Little helper

My kids always love to be in the kitchen when I'm cooking. Probably because they know if they help they'll get fed earlier. It's not like there's a lot of room in the kitchen (look at the below picture--that's it, the entire kitchen!), and extra bodies make the room very squished! But I do enjoy teaching the kids and having them help me. I want them to have an love for cooking and the knowledge to do it for their families one day. Too many kids these days aren't taught the necessary skills to prepare a meal. Sad! Here are my little helpers when I was baking cookies. "Astrid" the Viking girl was sharing chocolate chips with little big-head :) I love the way she did it, by extending the wooden spoon with the chocolate chip on it. It made me smile watching them share.

When in Utah Kassidy would always beg to help with meal preparation. One thing she could do that was semi-safe was cut watermelon. It made me smile to eat VERY bite-sized pieces with dinner. And yes, we give our children knives :)
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Melinda said...

She's so grown up!

The Leeflangs said...

I love how creative you are with your kids! you are such a great mom!