Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Historic Land of Four Seasons

Slowly but surely I'm whittling away at our Utah trip. So bear with me post by post :)

Next we went to visit Kevin's family in Beaver. We tease and call it the Historic Land of 4 Seasons because Beaver used to have a billboard that said that when you entered the town. Like no other town has four seasons? Funny. But we really do love coming home to Beaver. It was the 1st place Kevin and I lived as a married couple, and the surrounding areas are so beautiful. My kids love coming to Grandpa Bruce's house because they have a great yard, and horses! We were blessed to have 5 of the 7 Marchant siblings there with us (we sure missed Kelli and Kent's families), so it was a FULL house! 30 people and not much room makes for a wonderful time. We spent a lot of time outside on the deck and playing in the mountains.

Korbin found some "swords" and his cousins entertained him for hours. They need to come visit us because Korbin just loved all the boy time and attention.
Kassidy's getting over her fear of horses, as long as Grandpa's nearby. She and Jared rode Murphy for about an hour in the hot sun. Bruce was such a good sport to walk them around for that long. I think he loves it as much as they do!
These two look more like siblings than cousins :)
Feeding Murphy carrots from the garden. Shhhh, don't tell Grandma!
Aunt Wee-wee and Korbie.
Cute niece Lyndie and her cool kool-aid stache.

The Beaver parade was more than we expected. In fact, most of us left before it was over because it went so long! But even Korbin knew what to do when they threw candy in the road.
Some of the gang. The rest went fishing.

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