Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Enjoying Nature

We were blessed to spend a blissful 3 weeks at home in Utah visiting all our family. It'll take me a few posts to catch up on all the hundreds of pictures I took. We had a wonderful time and were sad to come back to school and life in California. While there, my children were able to play outside every day, which is something new to them. Sad huh? I mean we go to parks alot and find things to do outside, but nothing beats having a YARD to play in any time of day.

We had a serious thunderstorm while in Spanish Fork and Kassidy and Korbin enjoyed the experience of playing in the rain. Who says you have to spend a bunch of money to have a great time?
Cute Grandma Shelly (my mom)

I love this face!

We also took a family bike ride one evening. My sister Jenny had a hard time keeping up, so my other sister Karina tied a rope to her awesome tricycle and towed her along. This worked great until Jenny would slam on the breaks in panic and send Karina careening over the handlebars. We had a lot of laughs over the 3 mile ride, and we all had sore behinds the next day.
Karina the Stinker...
Jenny on her awesome trike
Mom pulling the kidlets. She has killer calves, these puppies were tough to pull!

Kevin bbq us some tri-tip steak one night. So yummy!
More Utah posts to come!


Skye said...

It looks like you had a fun time! It's fun to see pictures of your mom and sisters - I haven't seen them since elementary school! And your kids are adorable!

Misty Call said...

Isn't visiting family in Utah the best! It really does fly by too fast. Good luck to Kevin with the new school year starting up (and good luck to you too... school's hard work for us wives too:)
PS- You look so cute and skinny in your Main family picture you have on your blog. We miss you guys!!!

Jeremy 'n Brandy said...

everything you talk about i totally can relate. i remember my kids not knowing what a backyard was. but on the other hand it sure was cool to have our very own pool.