Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Too long, tag #2

So post #1 was too long, so you can read this one later if you're sick of hearing about us.

1. I've never had a cavity in my life. And I still have two of my baby teeth. Weird huh? The adult teeth are up there, they just never had the guts to push the wee ones out. I guess it gives me something in common with my 1st graders!

2. I can fall asleep in the shower. I love to sit down in the tub and let the water run over me like a warm rain. Gross, don't picture it! But it's fun, I promise.

3. In the 4th grade I could out-type my computer teacher. I know for a fact that he wasn't just letting me win because we did a race with our blue buddies covering our hands (like a cloth so you can't peek at the keys), and I beat him by about 10 wpm. I was pretty pleased with myself, but what can you do with that?

4. Kevin got tagged too, so I'm writing one for him. Kevin hates breakfast, which wouldn't be weird, except for the fact that his mom cooked the Marchant clan hot breakfasts every day of the week and he would just look forward to Saturday when he could have cold cereal. Weird child! I had cereal every day and was sick of it!

5. I have a plethora of bizarre nicknames: Robine of the nine (dad), Old-Bird (weird guy in my old ward), Rob-dawg (HS friends), Robert (Kevin's nephews...hate this one by the way!), Robster Bobster, Bob (Cade Nielsen), Robby-Roo (mom), and Me-bird (myself at age 2). People have too much time on their hands. Robyn is easier to say than all of these!

6. I have two brother-in-laws closer to my age than my husband. Sometimes people think that I'm married to one of them because we are always hanging out with them. Awkward!

7. Kevin is going to be a pharmacist but refuses to take any form of medicine unless it is dire! He won't even take a tylenol for a headache, and he's had this nasty rash on his leg that he won't try anything on either. Figures! I guess that's a good quality in a pharmacist so I don't have to worry about him getting addicted or anything.

Thanks for the tag Kristin! This was fun and helped me procrastinate!

I tag Christy Clark, Steph Dudley, Nichole Hiatt, Jenny Morris, Megan Wyatt, Cecily (who's way too busy, I know), and Alyssa Smailes.

Hmmm, tagged twice

So I've been wondering why none of my friends love me and why no one will ever tag me at this stupid game, and I guess I got what I wanted. It's now 9:00pm and I should be doing homework but I got tagged twice and I know I won't be able to focus on school work until I post something. Janna tagged Kassidy, so here's 7 things Kevin and I love about her:

1. Kassidy will fall down on purpose just so she can come running to us and get a kiss better on her "OWeee!"

2. Bath time is always fun with nudey little cheeks sliding all over the tub. I'm convinced she'll fall and break her head open on the tub, but she always manages a smooth landing.

3. Kassidy has to brush her "teef" (said while pointing to her little razor teeth on the bottom) before she can go to bed each night. And she even wipes off her mouth so clean when she's done.

4. We love the kisses when she completely sucks her top lip in her mouth and protrudes the bottom lip so she has a bitter beer face. Classic! I need to get a pic of this one.

5. Kassidy knows her sign langauge very well and is sure to sign when she wants MORE of something or is ALL DONE. It's very convenient, except when she gets mad because I'm not looking while she's silently signing behind my back!

6. Baby girl calls Kevin Mommy when they're together and me Daddy, but gets our names right when we're all three together.

7. Kassidy has the most gorgeous eyes and she knows how to work them! Watch out boys. Of course, she also enjoys about poking them out when she's naming her body parts.

We love you Kass!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Farewell 1st grade!

So we had a pretty eventful weekend, but I'm too pooped to post the load of pictures we took, so I'll play catch up later this week. But I do have time to talk about my cute 1st graders! Wednesday was my last day with my 1st grade class and it was the best ending to my time with them. We got to go on a field trip to the pumpkin patch in Paragonah, and the kids had a blast! It was so fun to watch them run around and pick their pumpkins, they are just all so cute. While I didn't have any pants pooping like Kerri, we had a good time and it was a fun way to say goodbye. The kids were sweet and I got lots of hugs and goodbye pictures and letters from them. Now I'm on to 4th grade, starting tomorrow! I'm excited for a change and the kids are probably excited to have their teacher back now. Here are some cute pics I took at the pumpkin patch.

Wow, I love these kids!!

This is my sweet buddy Lainey. Isn't she cute?

Monday, October 13, 2008


Are you serious Mother Nature? Do you not think that we'll get enough snow in the actual winter this year? This IS Utah after all and it practically snows until July here, but you had to throw in that extra storm this weekend. Well, I guess I'll just have to deal. I really do love the snow, but not until I have resigned myself to the fact that winter is here, believe it or not. I used to love the winter more, but that was before I had a kid and realized that any sort of bad weather keeps you both cooped up in the house all day and it's not that fun for 12 hours! Luckily it snowed on a Saturday so I didn't have to go out to recess and watch 4 classes of 1st graders run around and get soaked and freeze my buns off, but Kass, Kevin and I did enjoy a pretty peaceful day in the house. Kassidy and I wore our matching white sweaters and we just enjoyed each other's company all day.

Oh yeah, and Kassidy ran around the house in her birthday suit playing karate kid. I thought it was pretty cute, as long as she only does it when she's a baby!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Frankly my dear, I don't give a dang!

This weekend my sister came with her high school drama group to compete in the Utah Shakespearean Festival. My mom accompanied her as a chaperone, so we were glad to see them both this weekend a few times. Part of the reason for coming down to compete is the opportunity to view some of the magnificent plays put on by the talented actors in the festival. My sisters group had extra tickets to their plays on Friday and Saturday, so I was lucky enough to get to go and see the plays with my mom and sis. We saw "Gaslight" on Friday and "Moonlight and Magnolias" on Saturday (Melanie, my sis-in-law, came with us to this one). I had such a good time and am grateful to have gone for free, since the tickets run about $35 for cheap seats. Gaslight was a murder mystery and very intense with acting that makes you feel the same emotions as the characters. Moonlight and Magnolias was a hoot from start to finish. However, the play was definitely NOT suitable for children. It wasn't the best pick for an auditorium filled with high school students. The play was filled with sexual inuendos and curse words from start to finish. Many of the inuendos were subtle, but nontheless inappropriate. I was proud of my sister and some of her friends who left during the intermission to wait in the hallway for the remainder of the play. That was probably the last thing I expected from a group of teenagers. Of course, my mom, Melanie and I stayed and enjoyed the smut!!