Monday, October 20, 2008

Farewell 1st grade!

So we had a pretty eventful weekend, but I'm too pooped to post the load of pictures we took, so I'll play catch up later this week. But I do have time to talk about my cute 1st graders! Wednesday was my last day with my 1st grade class and it was the best ending to my time with them. We got to go on a field trip to the pumpkin patch in Paragonah, and the kids had a blast! It was so fun to watch them run around and pick their pumpkins, they are just all so cute. While I didn't have any pants pooping like Kerri, we had a good time and it was a fun way to say goodbye. The kids were sweet and I got lots of hugs and goodbye pictures and letters from them. Now I'm on to 4th grade, starting tomorrow! I'm excited for a change and the kids are probably excited to have their teacher back now. Here are some cute pics I took at the pumpkin patch.

Wow, I love these kids!!

This is my sweet buddy Lainey. Isn't she cute?


Braden & Kerri Jex said... poopy pants experience?? It just isn't a field trip without that! You are totally missing out. haha. It looks like you've had lots of fun with your cute little first graders. Fourth grade will be fun too. You'll have lots of good experience to help you decide what you want to teach later on. I bet you are the best teacher! Good luck!

Janna said...

I love your new title picture. It is so cute. Your little girl is getting so big. Wow. Time flies. How are you guys?

Wyatt's said...

What cute kids and your pic at the top is so adorable. I love the little bridge. We will have to try to get the little ones together when we come home for Christmas. Brad did not take the GRE to get into his program, but they may have used his DAT score in place of it. I will check to make sure and get back to you. It's nice to have a backup, but I'm sure he'll get in somewhere!

Matthew and Lindsey said...

Wow, that means that you are almost done with your student teaching crazy....Well Matt and I are finally released as now we are off to our new ward too. Sad, I guess it wont be the same

Janna said...

ps. Hey, I tagged you on my blog. Check it out.

Sam and Mandy Noel said...

That is a great ending to your first grade experience. It's weird for me to think of switching grades now. But I bet you will love fourth grade! Can you believe how quickly it is going? Nuts!