Tuesday, September 20, 2011


I feel like lately my vocabulary has just been full of SOMEDAYS. You know, the constant wishing and looking forward to things that will someday happen. For example,

Someday I will have a house with room for the kids to play.
Someday we will have a car that doesn't break down.
Someday we won't have any debt.
Someday I will be a morning person (yeah right!).
Someday I will get a good night's sleep (again, yeah right!).
Someday I will get my visiting teaching done at the first of the month.
Someday my husband will be able to come home and relax with us instead of constantly studying.
Someday we will have money to buy fun things and not worry about bills all the time.

And much more. You get the idea.
Well I feel like it's been holding me back by constantly looking forward to that SOMEDAY. I realize that a lot of these "somedays" will never happen. Like the unrealistic assumption that my entire personality will change and I will suddenly be a morning person...pretty sure that will never happen. Although there are multiple women in my ward who claim that if you do this crazy raw food diet you will suddenly have the energy and desire to wake up at 5 am. Welp. I'll just take their word for it on that one. I like my carbs, and my sleep.

I know we all do this because even that crazy selfish woman who wrote "Eat, Pray, Love" talked about her friend and how she was in beautiful Italy and she said, "Someday I'm going to come back here" instead of enjoying the moment she was ACTUALLY there! (disclaimer: I hated this book and I'm okay with the fact that I am probably the only one.) I am trying to take the word "someday" out of my daily vocabulary and enjoy this simple life I have now. For example, today I realized I am grateful for a tiny apartment that only takes a small amount of time to clean. It leaves me more time to play with my cute kids. "Someday" (he he) they will be grown up and gone and I will miss these days. Then I'll probably have the "Remember when" problem!

But seriously. What are some of your "somedays" and what do you do to enjoy the now?

Monday, September 19, 2011

Gold Discovery Fun

After the baptism fun with Treyson, the we took a day trip to Coloma County to the first gold discovery site. It was a hot day, but we had a bbq and walked around looking at all the historical sites. By the time we were done the kids were filthy and Korbin had two huge bruises on his head. He insists on walking everywhere. I think he forgets he's a baby and wants to do everything his big sister does :)

A cool teepee made from wood the Indians lived in.
Cute cousins
Treyson caught a lizard
Kevin and the kids in front of a stagecoach in the museum.
Grandma and her kids.

Korbin kept us all busy trying to prevent him from falling and getting anymore bruises.
There's nothing like a juicy watermelon at the end of a hot, busy day :)
Note the bruises and goose-eggs on his noggin.

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Treyson's baptism

Kevin's nephew Treyson was baptized a couple weeks ago and we were lucky enough to get to go. They are Kevin's only family out here in California, so we were excited when Kevin's parents decided to make the drive out for the special day. The day was really special and we had a great time hanging out afterwards at the pool and apartment clubhouse with cousins and family.
Treyson with Grandpa and Grandma Marchant
Treyson with his mom and dad.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Bathing beauty

I used to enjoy getting ready. As a teen I could primp and curl with the best of them, sometimes taking over an hour to "get ready" for school. I liked to look nice and is was even fun! Now that's all changed. In the entire apartment full of toys and things to do, as soon as the kids know I'm in the bathroom it's where they want to be. Kassidy plays princesses on the tub while I put on my makeup, Korbin bangs on the shower door while I'm in there, and this:
Now I find myself holding the toilet lid shut with one foot and applying my mascara very quickly. So if you notice my poorly applied makeup or half-done hair (or not done at all more often than not), you can assume I had some busy helpers in the bathroom that morning. Regardless, I wouldn't trade them for the most perfect hair day :)

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Random August days

We've gotten lots of use out of our Six Flags passes this year, and Korbin's finally big enough to ride some rides, which he really enjoyed.

Little man was so tired he fell asleep on the couch for 15 minutes like this.


The world through Kassidy's eyes

Kassidy has been obsessed with taking pictures lately and she's always asking me to borrow my camera. I never know how many pictures she takes until I look a few days later. Here are a few pictures from the point of view of a 4 year old. They make me smile!

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Good friends

Our good friends are unexpectedly moving and I am not happy. I've chosen anger as my emotion of choice. It beats being weepy for the next 2 months until they leave. It sucks, but we've had some wonderful memories with them to look back on fondly. Love you Frumus!

Rest of Utah trip

It's September already and I still haven't finished my Utah trip back in July! Geez. I'm a blogger slacker, a blacker, or slogger, whichever. I need to get this done because much more has already happened that's putting me even more behind. Here it is, the rest of our trip.

We finished up in Beaver with horse rides, campfires, a crawdad cookoff, and s'mores. We went camping at Bear Lake with my dad and family, played at the Gateway in SLC, and Kassidy got to go to Build-A-Bear for her birthday. It was a wonderful vacation and we are blessed to have spent 3 weeks with our wonderful families.

Dirty camping boy.

Too funny--April just got a whiff of Korbin's stinky bum! Ha ha!
Hike up to Bloomington Lake.