Saturday, September 10, 2011

Bathing beauty

I used to enjoy getting ready. As a teen I could primp and curl with the best of them, sometimes taking over an hour to "get ready" for school. I liked to look nice and is was even fun! Now that's all changed. In the entire apartment full of toys and things to do, as soon as the kids know I'm in the bathroom it's where they want to be. Kassidy plays princesses on the tub while I put on my makeup, Korbin bangs on the shower door while I'm in there, and this:
Now I find myself holding the toilet lid shut with one foot and applying my mascara very quickly. So if you notice my poorly applied makeup or half-done hair (or not done at all more often than not), you can assume I had some busy helpers in the bathroom that morning. Regardless, I wouldn't trade them for the most perfect hair day :)

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Skye said...

Haha this is such a cute post! You are adorable with or without your hair done! And thanks for the comment about my grandpa. You are so sweet. Ya, it is hard living away from family at times like these, but it is also a good experience.