Tuesday, September 20, 2011


I feel like lately my vocabulary has just been full of SOMEDAYS. You know, the constant wishing and looking forward to things that will someday happen. For example,

Someday I will have a house with room for the kids to play.
Someday we will have a car that doesn't break down.
Someday we won't have any debt.
Someday I will be a morning person (yeah right!).
Someday I will get a good night's sleep (again, yeah right!).
Someday I will get my visiting teaching done at the first of the month.
Someday my husband will be able to come home and relax with us instead of constantly studying.
Someday we will have money to buy fun things and not worry about bills all the time.

And much more. You get the idea.
Well I feel like it's been holding me back by constantly looking forward to that SOMEDAY. I realize that a lot of these "somedays" will never happen. Like the unrealistic assumption that my entire personality will change and I will suddenly be a morning person...pretty sure that will never happen. Although there are multiple women in my ward who claim that if you do this crazy raw food diet you will suddenly have the energy and desire to wake up at 5 am. Welp. I'll just take their word for it on that one. I like my carbs, and my sleep.

I know we all do this because even that crazy selfish woman who wrote "Eat, Pray, Love" talked about her friend and how she was in beautiful Italy and she said, "Someday I'm going to come back here" instead of enjoying the moment she was ACTUALLY there! (disclaimer: I hated this book and I'm okay with the fact that I am probably the only one.) I am trying to take the word "someday" out of my daily vocabulary and enjoy this simple life I have now. For example, today I realized I am grateful for a tiny apartment that only takes a small amount of time to clean. It leaves me more time to play with my cute kids. "Someday" (he he) they will be grown up and gone and I will miss these days. Then I'll probably have the "Remember when" problem!

But seriously. What are some of your "somedays" and what do you do to enjoy the now?


Skye said...

Oh I totally understand. Someday when I'm closer to family... someday when we can afford movie tickets... haha. And yet, I know that whenever someday comes, I'll miss these days.

Hurst Family said...

Some of our somedays are the same:
Someday we'll be out of debt...
Someday I'll get enough sleep to not feel like a zombie in the mornings (also not a morning person and love carbs too)
Someday we'll have our own house- or at least not live with the parents.
Someday my kids will get along (my mom assures me that this is more likely as time goes on- apparently being 4 is hard :)
Someday I'll be able to blog in one straight go without being interrupted by kiddos.

Which reminds me...gotta go. Loved your blog. Hang in there. We all do too much of living in the somedays and not now.

Dallas said...

It seems we all live in the someday.... mode especially while we are in school. It is kind of funny because we live in University Family Student Housing and everybody always asks, "How much longer do you have?" We always joke saying that sounds like prison time. We do live with cinder block walls though. Ha Ha... I love living in the moment though and I think these are times we will think back on with fondness. Loved this post!!

Kent said...

See the reason they "suddenly are waking up at 5 am is because they have explosive diarrhea from the "raw food diet" and if they don't get up they have to buy a new bed.

Carolyn said...

I hated that book too! I completely agree- she is totally selfish and the book portrays an awful message. I find myself constantly thinking in "somedays" too... I am seriously trying to make a conscious effort to be happy in the moment, or else I'm gonna wish my whole life away for something that I'll probably never get and won't even be important.

Kristin said...

Robyn! How did u know what pres. Uchtdorf was going 2 talk about for the RS session?! Too funny. This totally reminds me of his talk...if I can just find that golden ticket someday!

Fletcher's Family said...

...Someday... I am gonna have your writing skills! You should write a book Robyn. You are very talent and I love reading your blog! Maybe I should someday hire you (when I can afford it) to rewrite everything in my blog to make it sound much more interesting! BTW, Treyson got his card in the mail. He loved it! Thank you!! We love you! Look forward to Gen Conf with you both!! HUGS!!!!

Jeremy 'n Brandy said...

Oh man I totally know what you are saying. I am constantly saying someday I will sleep through the night..someday my kids will stop fighting...someday I will be able to afford...someday I will have a house (hasn't happened yet almost 2 years out of school)....Oh and I totally hated that book too. I didn't even finish it. I couldn't get into it. Although I must say I just did a detox and I did have energy but I wouldn't say it was enough to get me out of bed at 5am. I'd like to know which raw food diet they followed cuz the one I followed didn't have me bouncing off the wall like I had hoped!

Jeremy 'n Brandy said...

oh and I don't even do the "someday we will be out of debt" saying because I am pretty sure we never will be. We had more debt than I thought. :( Good luck with yours.

Kev and Niki said...

I am totally with you on that book/movie... Lame and totally selfish. I tend to say the "somedays" but then i really think about the now and talk about the now with Kev and I realize how fortunate we are to be having the day to day experiences we are currently having. Not everyone gets to have these experience and i feel fortunate to be having them. Besides what would we do if we had already made it... we would just be living and getting old but now we have so many grand exciting things to look forward to!!!! Whoa sorry i didn't plan to write this much. I really liked your post. But when you said our kids will one day grow up i cried a little, gosh it makes my heart ache to think of McKoy growing up.