Monday, June 30, 2008

Bishop Hair: An Incredible Man

This weekend we received some sad news that our bishop had passed away Saturday of an unexpected heart attack. Bishop Hair has been the bishop of our Married Student Ward for the past two years and has been such an amazing influence in our lives. Kevin has served in the bishopric with him for the past year and has become really close to him. We are truly fortunate to have gotten to know Bishop Cal Hair so well and we will truly miss him. Bishop Hair was a man of few words but who always made you feel very welcomed and loved. He was always the first to know of any problems or needs in the ward and was such a down to earth man. Bishop Hair and Sister Hair were some of the first people to visit us in the hopital when Kassidy was born and have been like surrogate grandparents to her this past year. In short, we will truly miss this wonderful man and all he did for us, but we know that he is in a better place and would want us to keep on keeping on. We love you Bishop Hair!

Random pics of baby girl

Daddy was being so mean and put all these funny hats on Kass at Sportsmans Warehouse...she wasn't too happy!
Kassidy is going through a blanket stage and wants to haul her favorite Grandma-made blankie around the house. To avoid it getting dragged through the dirty kitchen, I wrapped it around her neck and Kassidy thought that was pretty cool. She spent the next hour walking around wearing her blanket like a shawl.
Why are baby bums so dang cute?

Monday, June 23, 2008

Milk & Cookies with Daddy

Kassidy sure loves her Daddy and wants to do everything he does. In fact, when Kevin's home she pretty much doesn't even know I exist....sniff! Kevin was eating milk and cookies this weekend and Kassidy went and picked her milk cup off the floor and climbed right up next to him. She opened her little mouth like a baby bird and shared all his cookies with him! They sure are two of a kind :)

Friday, June 20, 2008

Kassidy's new trick, courtesy of Daddy and Uncle Kurt.
She doesn't always look like that's a cute one with her smiling!

Thursday, June 19, 2008


Um, nothing fabulous has been happening lately, but I just have a few thoughts to jot down. Summer has been going beautifully--wonderful weather, happy baby, LOST episodes galore, and family visits. Kevin just got an internship working at Smith's pharmacy in the fall. He'll get some hands on experience with drugs (the legal kind) and get a school credit for it too. It really was a blessing that he heard about it. We start the not so fun task of applying to pharmacy schools again this fall. Kevin's been preparing for a while now and we think he's got pretty good chances this year...cross your fingers! Construction has slowed down considerably and Kev's got to spend some time at home with me and Kassidy. It's not been too good for our bank account, but Kass and I sure enjoy his company! We recently got addicted to Lost and are watching it non-stop with Kurt and Whitney, so if you call and we don't answer it's probably because someone just attacked by a mysterious polar bear and we're gasping in the other room! What else, oh yeah, our ward just got split and Kurt and Whitney are no longer in our ward :( I guess you just go where the Lord asks, but we'll be leaving our beloved ward in a month when we both get released and moving to our new ward. I hope we make some good friends there, but we'll definitely stay in touch with our current friends! Sorry for the rambling and total randomocity of this post, but Kassidy is sleeping and I needed something to do! See ya...

Sunday, June 15, 2008

One year older and wiser too...Happy Birthday to you!

Saturday was Kassidy's one year birthday. One step closer to, "Mom I hate you! You ruin my life!" and one step further away from giving open mouth kisses and loves after diaper changes. I can't believe how quickly one year flew by. Kassidy is now walking and talking and doing all the things a big girl does, which means she's no longer the baby. I guess she is still a baby, but she's grown up so much lately that she doesn't seem like the little lump that came out of me a year ago. We had a blast celebrating Kassidy's birthday with friends and family. Grandma Shelly and Aunt Jenny and Uncle Daniel came down for the day, as well as Grandma and Grandpa Marchant and Kent, Melanie, and Whitney. We started out the day swimming and sunbathing in the gorgeous southern Utah weather for a few hours. We all got a little color, and Kassidy is quite tan by now from her constant swimming. We came back home and celebrated with pizza and cake and presents, which Kassidy didn't quite get, so she had some help from Mom. Our family spoiled her this year because we only bought her three presents, and she wasn't even very interested in them! Her cake was a butterfly and she enjoyed digging in and eating the chocolate center to the butterfly. Every time she would get frosting on her hands she would shake them over the side of the highchair...we'd hate to be messy! That night we played by going bowling and Kassidy helped everyone by cheering them on and clapping after each bowl! We had a fabulous day with family and loved celebrating one year of joy with our beautiful Kassidy Lynn.

Two of Kassidy's Grandma's.

Kassidy loved her new baby, she kept giving it kisses and hugs!

What a spoiled little girl! Look at all those presents! Her adorable outfit was a gift from Grandma and Grandpa Russon (my Dad and Cathy) the week earlier.

Swimmin' fun!

Kassidy and her little friend Brynn Morris love to go swimming! We go to the pool at our old apartments, where Brynn lives, and swim the day away! Here are a couple of really cute pics of the two little swim goddesses.

Utah Summer Games

Kurt and Whit came with us.
Kassidy and Mom having a good time!

Kassidy and her grumpy face after Kevin wouldn't feed her anymore of his dinner (she'd already had her own and then wanted his too!)

Thursday was the opening ceremonies for the Utah Summer Games, so we decided to go camp outside the football stadium and see if we couldn't hear a little Collin Rae (spelling?) and then watch some fireworks afterwards. It was a little chilly, but we had a good time and Kassidy loved the fireworks!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

All is well

Our make up Anniversary date went much better than the real one. Kevin and I went out to dinner at Chili's and go to eat our dinner without hearing baby squeals demanding some of our food. We had some adult conversation and talked about things other than was GREAT! We took a slight break in the date to come home and put Kassidy to bed (Kevin's brother and his wife were the volunteer babysitters and we are SOO grateful) and then we went out to the movies. We recommend Iron Man if you haven't seen it already, good flick. Anywho, things worked out in the end and all is well!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

I love my baby!
We are SOOOO funny!

What Mom, you don't like my finger in your mouth?

She pretends like she doesn't want her picture taken, but then she bats her big doe eyes at me. Little ham!

Happy Anniversary...NOT!

So Kevin and I celebrate our 3 year anniversary yesterday. I know, if you've been married longer than that it doesn't seem like a big deal, but I was pretty excited and planned to go on a date with just me and Kev and get some adult alone time. But it wouldn't be a special occasion if something didn't go wrong...of course. Kevin ended up having a softball game, which they lost, meaning that his team had to play again at 9:30pm, totally ruining all our late night dinner and movie plans...poo. So we ended up going out to eat with Kevin's parents and brother, having Whitney meet us halfway through. Then I had to put a screaming baby to bed and Kevin accidentally left his keys, wallet and phone in his parents car and they were already halfway home to Beaver before I got ahold of them and asked them to turn around. So Kevin didn't get home until 11:15pm, again ruining our plans. So, I've decided to just pretend it wasn't our anniversary yesterday and we'll attempt to celebrate it later. Such is life...