Monday, June 30, 2008

Random pics of baby girl

Daddy was being so mean and put all these funny hats on Kass at Sportsmans Warehouse...she wasn't too happy!
Kassidy is going through a blanket stage and wants to haul her favorite Grandma-made blankie around the house. To avoid it getting dragged through the dirty kitchen, I wrapped it around her neck and Kassidy thought that was pretty cool. She spent the next hour walking around wearing her blanket like a shawl.
Why are baby bums so dang cute?


Phil & Kelly said...

She is so cute. I love all the pictures.

Laurel said...

Robyn! I just can't get over how cute Kassidy is!
I sure miss you! Will you be up for the 24th?

Alyssa and Dave said...

Robyn!!!! So glad to have found you on here! Your pictures of kassidy are SO cute!

Fletcher's Family said...

Yeah I agree... baby bums are the cutest! :) How are you, Kev and Kass these days?
Missing you guys!