Thursday, June 19, 2008


Um, nothing fabulous has been happening lately, but I just have a few thoughts to jot down. Summer has been going beautifully--wonderful weather, happy baby, LOST episodes galore, and family visits. Kevin just got an internship working at Smith's pharmacy in the fall. He'll get some hands on experience with drugs (the legal kind) and get a school credit for it too. It really was a blessing that he heard about it. We start the not so fun task of applying to pharmacy schools again this fall. Kevin's been preparing for a while now and we think he's got pretty good chances this year...cross your fingers! Construction has slowed down considerably and Kev's got to spend some time at home with me and Kassidy. It's not been too good for our bank account, but Kass and I sure enjoy his company! We recently got addicted to Lost and are watching it non-stop with Kurt and Whitney, so if you call and we don't answer it's probably because someone just attacked by a mysterious polar bear and we're gasping in the other room! What else, oh yeah, our ward just got split and Kurt and Whitney are no longer in our ward :( I guess you just go where the Lord asks, but we'll be leaving our beloved ward in a month when we both get released and moving to our new ward. I hope we make some good friends there, but we'll definitely stay in touch with our current friends! Sorry for the rambling and total randomocity of this post, but Kassidy is sleeping and I needed something to do! See ya...

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Fletcher's Family said...

LOL. I love the face of Kassidy. That is sooo cute. Sorry to hear that your ward is splitting. Hope to see you guys soon!
Lots of love!