Sunday, June 15, 2008

One year older and wiser too...Happy Birthday to you!

Saturday was Kassidy's one year birthday. One step closer to, "Mom I hate you! You ruin my life!" and one step further away from giving open mouth kisses and loves after diaper changes. I can't believe how quickly one year flew by. Kassidy is now walking and talking and doing all the things a big girl does, which means she's no longer the baby. I guess she is still a baby, but she's grown up so much lately that she doesn't seem like the little lump that came out of me a year ago. We had a blast celebrating Kassidy's birthday with friends and family. Grandma Shelly and Aunt Jenny and Uncle Daniel came down for the day, as well as Grandma and Grandpa Marchant and Kent, Melanie, and Whitney. We started out the day swimming and sunbathing in the gorgeous southern Utah weather for a few hours. We all got a little color, and Kassidy is quite tan by now from her constant swimming. We came back home and celebrated with pizza and cake and presents, which Kassidy didn't quite get, so she had some help from Mom. Our family spoiled her this year because we only bought her three presents, and she wasn't even very interested in them! Her cake was a butterfly and she enjoyed digging in and eating the chocolate center to the butterfly. Every time she would get frosting on her hands she would shake them over the side of the highchair...we'd hate to be messy! That night we played by going bowling and Kassidy helped everyone by cheering them on and clapping after each bowl! We had a fabulous day with family and loved celebrating one year of joy with our beautiful Kassidy Lynn.

Two of Kassidy's Grandma's.

Kassidy loved her new baby, she kept giving it kisses and hugs!

What a spoiled little girl! Look at all those presents! Her adorable outfit was a gift from Grandma and Grandpa Russon (my Dad and Cathy) the week earlier.


Jenny Kay said...

I felt so bad we didnt go swim with you! I seriously cant believe that she is one already..time FLIES! I love all the pics look so cute! I love the pics of Brynn and Kass at the pool!

Cecily R said...

Happy Birthday little one!!

She is just adorable!!! And it just occured to me that she would be considered my great niece. That is so weird.