Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Hmmm, tagged twice

So I've been wondering why none of my friends love me and why no one will ever tag me at this stupid game, and I guess I got what I wanted. It's now 9:00pm and I should be doing homework but I got tagged twice and I know I won't be able to focus on school work until I post something. Janna tagged Kassidy, so here's 7 things Kevin and I love about her:

1. Kassidy will fall down on purpose just so she can come running to us and get a kiss better on her "OWeee!"

2. Bath time is always fun with nudey little cheeks sliding all over the tub. I'm convinced she'll fall and break her head open on the tub, but she always manages a smooth landing.

3. Kassidy has to brush her "teef" (said while pointing to her little razor teeth on the bottom) before she can go to bed each night. And she even wipes off her mouth so clean when she's done.

4. We love the kisses when she completely sucks her top lip in her mouth and protrudes the bottom lip so she has a bitter beer face. Classic! I need to get a pic of this one.

5. Kassidy knows her sign langauge very well and is sure to sign when she wants MORE of something or is ALL DONE. It's very convenient, except when she gets mad because I'm not looking while she's silently signing behind my back!

6. Baby girl calls Kevin Mommy when they're together and me Daddy, but gets our names right when we're all three together.

7. Kassidy has the most gorgeous eyes and she knows how to work them! Watch out boys. Of course, she also enjoys about poking them out when she's naming her body parts.

We love you Kass!

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