Sunday, August 21, 2011

Korbie's 1st haircut

Along with turning 1, Korbin had another 1st--his first haircut! We are a short-hair family, meaning we like our boys to have a clean look. I'm pretty sure Kevin will never let our future teenage boys wear the shaggy look :) So Kevin gave Korbin his first haircut. It was pretty entertaining to watch, as well as a little sad to see those baby locks fall off. But Korbin's hair was getting a little long and curly and had this weird old man comb over.

The first swipe made Korbin nervous.
Here's a close-up of the old man comb over.

He was so done at this point. Get me out of here!!


The Osborne's said...

I love that picture of Korbin trying to get out of his chair, that's so cute!

Amber said...

I hadn't noticed the old-man comb-over in any of your other pictures. I liked it :)