Monday, August 29, 2011

Swimming part 2

What would summer be without lots of swimming? I have to say I think this was my very favorite part of our Utah trip. The Marchant family all went to family night at the Beaver pool Monday night. We had a fabulous time swimming together, and we practically had the whole pool to ourselves. They have a great kid pool and grandma Marchant even got it! It was a great night.
Playing chicken

Korbin found these goggles and wanted to put them on himself.
So he tried,
and tried,
and finally, success! What a proud little face!
And then we came home and I put Kassidy in the tub. I went to grab her pajamas and came back to find she had a buddy in the tub with her. What a fun aunt Whitney!


Matthew and Lindsey said...

So fun that you had family come to visit. I was just thinking..oh my gosh Robyn has already been out there for what 2 years now? So you only have 2 more to go! Yipee for you guys. Do you know where you are going to settle at once he gets finished?

Amber said...

I love Korbin's picture with the goggles! Too cute! Looks like lots of fun!