Monday, April 12, 2010

Kurt and Whitney come to visit

During March we had Kevin's brother and wife come out for a visit for their spring break. We were thrilled to see them since we used to live within 5 minutes of them and saw them almost ever day. We've been missing our Kurt and Whit!! We had a great time showing them the sights of California. The weather cooperated perfectly and we had a wonderful week. Here are a few pictures of our staycation and Kurt and Whitney's vacation.

Kurt and Whit with the Golden Gate Bridge in the background

Oakland Temple

In San Francisco at Pier 49

Bonita Point overlooking the Pacific Ocean

At Muir beach enjoying the 80 degree weather

My cute sis-in-law Whitney

Waiting to ride Thomas the Train

Kurt and Kassidy on the Looney Tunes Balloon ride

Whitney and Kassidy enjoying the swings

Cute brothers in their matching swimsuits

1 comment:

Kurt and Whitney said...

Robyn!!! I look hideous in that one of me and you! Your darling and I look biscusting haha I'm stealing those pics and putting them on my blog. It's a good thing I have you!