Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Marchant Mayhem

This year we spent the coveted Christmas Eve and day with the Marchant's. It was a rare year where all 7 kids decided to come to Beaver for the holiday. It was such a fun time with a full house of 36 people. We had a blast playing with all the cousins and siblings. Kevin has such a fun family :) We did the traditional tubing up Merchant valley and surprisingly no one ran into a car this year. Christmas morning was pure mayhem with no real rules, except to have fun, which we definitely did. The kids even let us sleep in until almost 8:00am. And apart from Karen (Kev's mom) not feeling well, everything went off without a hitch. WE ended the fun holiday by going to Richfield to witness Kent blessing their new baby. We sure loved spending time with Kevin's family, they are all so easy to get along with and so fun!

Doodle and Daddy eating snow

In the car trying to thaw out our frozen extremities

Bathtime with cousins

Kurt and Wee-wee in their cute feety jammies

All the kidlets in their new Christmas Eve jammies

Crazy Christmas morn

Grandma and her three 2 year old girls

Christmas morning, the kids all pitched in to get Bruce a new set of binoculaurs

Showing off her beautiful Christmas dress

Kass found one of Melanie's relatives to jam out with at the blessing :)

Kamdon's baby blessing in Richfield

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