Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Our 4 Christmases

Last but not least we made our way north to my Dad's house in Woods Cross. WE had our final Christmas where we were again spoiled. Our four days here were fun filled and relaxing. We went sledding (pics on other camera which I will upload later), had a New Years Eve party, ate WAY too much food, saw Sherlock Holmes with all the grown up kids, and had a dinner date with Dad and Cathy. We had a really good time with my family and were sad to leave.

Kassidy in her "Sully" jacket (we called it that because it was blue and fuzzy just like Sully from Monsters Inc.)

My Dad gave Kevin one of his homemade knives for Christmas, and he was really excited!

Kassididdle and Uncle Logan playing with her new dollhouse

Me and Nina at Temple Square. I love this girl!!


Kurt and Whitney said...

Ha Ha I love pinging the pong that is great! I'm gonna steal some pictures K thanks great!

Losee Family said...

it was so fun reading all the posts. It looks like you guys had weeks of fun. I'm glad you got to go home for the holidays!