Wednesday, January 6, 2010


We were so excited to leave behind school and get on with our vacation that we decided to leave a day early and surprise Mom by showing up a day early. Boy was she excited! Although she and Karina spotted our not-so-well hidden car and came barreling in to attack us. It was fun to spend the first few days with Mom and my siblings. We loved seeing the beautiful snow and our mountains again. It was great coming home, especially after a tough semester. We spent the first couple days getting in the Christmas spirit, going to the temple, and eating Chinese food with my grandparents. What a great start to the holidays!
Sisters, sisters!
Grandma Shelly helping Kass open presents
Jenny, Samantha and Kassidy
Kassidy loves to play Grandma's piano. I only wish we lived close enough for her to teach Kassidy how to play.

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