Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Hicken party

We made our way back to Mom's for a few days and had a blast at the Hicken party. This year it was at Clark and Kelly's. We had way too much fun playing ping pong and eating our hearts out. Eating seems to be a big part of the holidays for us :) The traditional left right game was a must, although Grandpa had us all messed up when he changed the lefts for rights. We all ended up with much dollar store junk, but the coveted item this year was the sham wow, and it was ardently fought over! We also made our way to see Avatar with Sara and Leca. Thanks for babysitting Grandma Hicken!

There was a very intense game of Wii going on between Karina, Sydney and Brittana

Best Cousins

Pinging the Pong at the Hicken partay

ABATAR!!! Yes, I know it's really Avatar, but we say it ABATAR!!

Danny and Mom rocking the 3D shades

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