Monday, September 6, 2010

Marchant visit

Kevin's parents came out to visit us for a quick trip over Labor Day weekend. I really mean quick trip because they spent 2 of the 4 day vacation driving to and from our house. They must really love us! We were excited for them to meet Korbin, he's their 21st grandchild. We spend a wonderful weekend at the beach, touring some historical naval sites on Mare Island, attending church, and then went to the Gold Rush Days in Old Town Sacramento. It was a wonderful weekend and we were sad to see them go. Kevin's parents are such sweet grandparents and love all their grandkids so much, so Korbin was no exception :) Thanks Marchants!

Little man in the carrier on mommy's front.

Getting in a little history on Mare Island. This is at the park and the thing behind us is a semi-suicide missile. Someone had to climb in that top missile and ride it toward the enemy and then release the bottom missile at the right time and hope to get away quick enough. I'd hate to have that job! I'd probably just die of claustrophobia!

It was pretty chilly at Muir beach, so I made a little barrier with the umbrella so Kassidy could build a sand castle. Korbin's hiding back there too in his carseat.


Kristin said...

Wow! Korbin looks so big already. I can't wait to see him.

Janna said...

Such adorable kiddos. It's so fun to see how you guys are doing.