Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Giants Game

The Saturday before Easter we were lucky enough to get to go to a Giants baseball game. Our old next door neighbors gave us 2 pairs of his season tickets because he knew Kevin was such a huge Braves fan and the Giants were playing the Braves Saturday. It was the perfect birthday present, and Kevin and Britanna happened to be here to join us!

The weather was perfect, the seats were A-MAZING (12th row on the first base line), and the game was great (especially since the Braves won)! We had a great time, and despite Korbin, Kevin and I still feeling sick, we had a perfect day. We even got a little sunburned. Go Braves! Go Giants!

Cutest little rally baby ever!

Here's a good braces shot if you haven't seen yet ;)

The kids were pooped after a long day and were both asleep by this point.


Misty Call said...

How fun! Nate would love to go do something like that. But here in Nebraska all it is is Cornhuskers football. They are CRAZZZY, intense fans! And I just have to add, Nate will most likely be getting braces this year too. He gets them at cost while in dental school so we figure we might as well do it now while it's super cheap. So Kevin won't be alone in the braces department for very long.

Britanna and Kev said...

Love it Rob! Korbin IS the cutest little rally baby I have every seen. That was so much fun! The day was wonderful all around! I still am wondering why that fight broke out...Haha. Thank you guys again!!