Saturday, April 30, 2011


We had a wonderful Easter this year, full of good food and even better company. The only thing that could have been better was if we were all feeling better. Sickness hit our home for the past week and a half and is finally gone. Yay! I hate being sick and hate even more when my kids are sick.

My little brother Kevin and his wife Britanna came to visit us for Easter and brought with them many goodies from Utah grandma's, making Easter at our house seem a bit like Christmas :)
Korbin got a cool bike that turns into a walker. He's mastered going backwards, but is very frustrated that he can't make it go forwards.
Kassidy had a very Tangles Easter and was thrilled! She's already watched this movie more than 8 times this week already.
Here's my cute brother and his beautiful wife. They were troopers to camp out in our living room and put up with our sickness and limited space.
We also celebrated Kevin's 29th birthday on Easter. Happy birthday babe! It was the first time his birthday's ever fallen on Easter. His big present was going to the Giants vs Braves game the day before, which I'll post about later. We are so blessed to have such a wonderful father and husband in our lives. We love you Kevin! (And I finally got a picture of the braces. Sorry babe!)
We took an Easter Sunday trip to show my brother the Oaklyn temple. Here's my little Rapunzel playing in the fountain.

Later we had an easter egg hunt at my uncle's house, complete with a pinata that I made to look like an easter egg. I have to admit it was a fun waste of 8 hours since the thing was destroyed within 30 seconds. But Kassidy enjoyed it, which was the whole point.

Egg heads :)
We had a great Easter, and of course taught Kassidy to the true meaning of Easter. She loves the part where Jesus comes back alive. I love how much this little girl is learning in Primary and repeats back to us. She and Korbin light up my life and make every day wonderful. I'll have more posts to come about our time with Kevin and Britanna here soon.

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Jen T said...

You're such a cute mom! I love your Easter pinata!