Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Quiet Book

After 3 months of work on this project, it's FINALLY done!! I am so relieved to not have to work on it anymore, and very happy with the end result. My friend had the idea back in January of making a felt quiet book. We took on the challenge, aided by the internet and other people's fabulous ideas, and went to work.

I lost steam about a month into it and the book sat on my craft table unfinished, only to be resumed a few weeks later. I decided to take the long route and sew everything. I've seen some books like this where the maker used "wonder under" and ironed the pieces on. I want my book to get many years of good use, so I sewed everything.

This book took countless after bedtime hours, but I think it's worth it. Next step, I'm going to make a bag for miss Kassidy to carry this baby in to church. She loves it by the way, so it's a success. Here are some pictures of the pages if you're interested.

Snap on shape page.

Barn with adorable finger puppets inside.
Tic Tac Toe board with velcro pieces. Surprisingly, this was the easiest page to make, and it's also Kassidy's favorite page to play with. Go figure!
Counting flower with velcro.
Stackable ice cream cone with a pocket to hold ice cream and toppings.
There's a flavor for any taste!
Button on bubbles. (this was a last minute page because I needed one more. I don't love it, but it works)
Find the mouse doors and windows. This idea was my cute husband's. He was excited to contribute and came up with many more ideas after I was done with the book. I may be adding more pages after I've recovered for a few months :)
There it is!

Hand goes in the mitten.
Kassidy doll.

Kassidy doll's clothes line and laundry basket.
Build a snowman. The pieces just sit on the flannel square.
Here's the pocket to keep the snowman pieces.
Crayon pockets.
Notebook and pen pockets.
Back zipper pocket with Mr and Mrs. Potato Head-like faces with pieces. I'm making a few more accessories and appendages.

*I got some of my ideas HERE....HERE...and HERE.


Misty Call said...

Sooo cute! Way to go Robyn! I need to add quiet book to my list of things to do. They looks so fun and perfect for Sacrament meeting.

Tina said...

This is SO CUTE!!! I've always wanted to make one but have not wanted to do all the work! Ha! You did a great job, it looks adorable!!!

Ryan & Amanda said...

i have been meaning to make one of these for quite some time-yours is soo completely amazing that it just may motivate me to actually do it so hopefully you don't mind if I copy pretty much ALL of your ideas! That is super impressive!!

Britanna and Kev said...

Wow Rob- I love it! You did such an awesome job!! I can tell that took a lot of time and creativity. Can i get some of the patterns from you when we have kids of our own someday?

Sam and Mandy Noel said...

I am not kidding, I seriously love this. I want one for my own!! If you would ever be willing to make one and sell it to me, I would do it in a heartbeat. Seriously, great job.

shady brady dye said...

this looks like it took "FOUR-EV-ERRR!" -sandlot.

It is so stinkin' cute though! I want to make one for my someday young kids but I'm a bit intimidated at the time involved...I could see it turning into one of my many once started never finished crafts! lol

Cammee said...

Oh my gosh Robyn, this is to die for! I can't believe all of the little details you put in this, all of the cute stitching, etc. It is the best quiet book I have ever seen and looks so well made. I have a feeling your grandkids are going to enjoy this one!

Rachel said...

LOVE THIS! What a great idea! It looks awesome!

Camille and Matt said...

I have been making quiet books too and been looking around at a lot of blogs and I just can't believe how cute yours is. It is by far the cutest quiet book I have ever seen. You are so talented!!

Amber said...

I cannot believe you made that. How much to make me one?