Monday, February 18, 2013

Cornerstone and Drake's Beach

After a very busy and very church-responsibility filled week, we decided we needed a little family time.  So we packed up the car and set off on an adventure, not really sure where we'd end up.  These are our favorite kind!  We still have so many neat things to see in Northern California before our time is up here.  We stumbled upon a cool artsy garden place called Cornerstone in Sonoma.  It was a beautiful 70 degree day (in February--love it!!) and free!  Win-win!

After 2 hours of wandering and soaking in the sun, we made our way West to the coast.  The temperature dropped a good 20 degrees, but we were determined to fly our new kites somewhere.  We ended up at Drake's Beach on Point Reyes.  The wind cut right through our jackets and destroyed our kites, nearly take the kids with them.  So we only lasted about 45 minutes there.  Oh well.  Good memories!  I love my family time :)

 Pegasus made from driftwood.
 Cool salvage art yard.  I think these were driftwood balls.


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