Sunday, June 5, 2011

Girls Night Out

A couple weeks ago it was the father-son camp out and Kevin decided to take Korbin for the evening part and not sleep over. So naturally, a girls-night out ensued! My friend Jen and I took our girls out to dinner and then did a little window shopping at the mall. It was a great night, with chit-chat, good food, and the cutest darn 3 year olds ever. I think we should make it a monthly thing :)
At Red Robin with my cute date

The girls with their new friend they made at Old Navy.

Forever 21, hiding out under the tables.

The girls modeling the purses they picked out.


Britanna and Kev said...

That looks SO fun! I love the old navy pic. Haha You two are the cutest girls in the world. Happy 6th Anniversary to you and Kev! Love ya!

Camille and Matt said...

All of your pictures are so cute! You have such cute kids. I miss working with you and hearing all the funny Kassidy stories. I hope you are all doing well in Cali!