Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Kassidy's 4th birthday party

This year I took on the task of throwing my sweet 4 year old her first friend party. Now normally I wouldn't let her have one until she turned 6, but many of our good friends will be moving in the next couple months (on to new jobs, military stations, and their homes), and we used this as an excuse to have a party!

Kassidy picked the theme of "Tangled" (that's the Rapunzel story for those of you who don't know) and we ran with it. I found so many cute ideas on the Disney website here that I felt like I didn't even have to be creative :) Here's what we did, along with lots of pictures--I even left a bunch out!

My aunt and uncle were so sweet to help us out. They helped set up and take down and wrangled kids and entertain my sweet Korbin, who really just wanted me to hold him through the whole party. I wish my mom could've made it out to the party, but I so grateful to have Scott and Jennette here with us!
When the kids came in they colored printout pictures of Rapunzel and gang.
The food was a hit. We had pulled pork sandwiches, chips, grapes, veggies and dip and some cute jello boats that I stole off someone else's blog ;)
Blue jello with orange boats in them. These were a big hit with the kids!
All the cute princes and princesses. Kassidy is one loved little girl!
We played pin the frying pan on Flynn Rider. Kevin free-hand drew this poster for me. He's the best!
Kassidy ended up hitting the picture dead on the nose on the first try, so we gave the prize to second place. The kids were good sports and seemed to enjoy this. Can you tell where we had our party? He he..
Next we made Pascal party blowers, after the cute chameleon Pascal from the movie. Although most of these were broken from too much spit by the end of the evening, the kids loved 'em!

Last, we opened presents and had cupcakes. I took pictures with each kid after Kassidy opened their present, but there's just too many to put up here. I thought this one was cute. This is Kassidy's new friend Soren, and he dressed up like Flynn Rider. So here's Rapunzel and Flynn.
My little Kass was very sweet, with no birthday girl melt-downs (pheww!). She loved her party, and got home and had to play with everything new once before bed.
Now I don't have to do another party for 5 years, right?


Skye said...

What a cute party! I'm so glad you have a blog. I'm going to start following it!

Amber said...

Where did you get such great ideas for that party!? Looks like it took enough work that yeah, I'd say you're done for 5 years. or should I say, "Your birthday? No, it couldn't be. I distinctly remember that being last year..."

Amber said...

...oh right. I just found the link you posted. Thanks :)