Saturday, June 11, 2011

Little girl not so little anymore

All of a sudden my beautiful baby girl is not a baby anymore! Okay, so maybe not "all of a sudden", but it does seem like her toddler-ness is suddenly gone and I have myself a full fledged little girl. Our sweet Kassidy turns 4 this coming week, and even though I keep telling her she can't grow up any more, she's just not listening to me!

We sure are happy to have this sweet little girl in our home. She's the one who made us parents and we have learned so much from her. Kassidy has the sweetest disposition, mixes with the perfect amount of sass and personality. She's so fun! I could sit and talk about all the smart, fun and entertaining things she does all day. We love you Kassidy, thanks for choosing to come to our family!

A girl's got to get pretty in the morning!


Misty Call said...

What a beautiful little girl she is (just like her mama)!!! I still remember how little she was when we met you guys, she was only a couple months old... now she's almost a 4 year old! Time really does fly.

The Leeflangs said...

what a sweat heart! her blonde/hair blue eyes remind me so much of you! you two are so darling! I can't believe she's turning 4! Hannah was 4 when we moved to SLC to start the PA program...sad how fast time flies!!!

Kent said...

All this time I thought Kurt made you parents.

Camille and Matt said...

Kassidy is adorable! I love the pictures and I can't believe she is already 4!