Monday, May 5, 2008

Am I doing this right?

So we've been feeling a little left out of the blogging world and have decided to take a whack at it. Hopefully we can figure out how to work this contraption and fill you all in on our lives, if you care to read about it! A little bit about us, Kevin and I (Robyn) are currently living in Cedar City, Utah going to school at Southern Utah University. Kevin is going into pharmacy and I'm going to be an elementary teacher. We'll both graduate in December 2008 and we couldn't be more excited! I'll be doing my student teaching in the fall at Fiddler Elementary. Kassidy is our beautiful daughter and she'll be one year old in June. She's a joy to have around and always keeps us smiling! Her newest feat is her feet, they are moving her to walk all over the house. This helps her to get into even more that she shouldn't be even quicker! We hope you'll all stay in touch with us and check us out occasionally!

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Wyatt's said...

What a lovely family. Robyn, you look fantastic. I can't believe baby Kassidy is going to be one. A year goes by so fast. Keep up the blogging!