Thursday, December 18, 2008


Living in Utah you pretty much get used to the bizarre weather. Like the fact that I only had to turn my heater on a few times during the month of November, or that it sometimes snows in the summer. Well, Cedar City has sure received it's share of bizarre weather! It hasn't stopped snowing down here for about 2 days and it's starting to really add up. Here are some pictures of Kevin shoveling our driveway for the 2nd time in an 8 hour period. I couldn't believe how much of it was stacked up (and yes, he's on the phone while shoveling snow!). Kass loves the snow and keeps pointing out the window and telling me, "Ish Snow!"We've been having a grand old time since school let out last week. Santa came to the daycare (where I'm now working so I can be with Kassidy) and the kids got to go see him. Kassidy freaked out...not just crying or not wanting to sit on his lap, but she was clawing me trying to climb on my head to get away! It was sad but very entertaining! Her picture is me holding her while she screams. Our class picture turned out pretty cute though, despite some sad faces. Santa gave all the kids a book and even gave me and Miss Stacy a card and gift (thanks Beverly and Leaya!). I got movie tickets, so Kevin and I are going on a date sometime soon! We couldn't stop there with our fun filled day, so we let the kids decorate cookies. Kassidy sure enjoyed hers, as you can tell! Merry Christmas everyone!!


Bryan and Christy Clark said...

How cute! Isn't is so funny how kids like Santa if its just a picture but when they see the real thing its like a nightmare. How often do you work?

Kent and Melanie: said...

I can't believe how much snow! Even St. George got alot! It was the funniest thing to see people out shoveling their walks. No one owns snow shovels and so they were using the weirdest things. Brooms, window scrappers, dust pans, you name they used it!!! I wish I would have takin a picture! However there is one thing about St. George that is weird! We woke up snow everywhere a couple of hours later, you would have never known it snowed. LOL!
Anyways we miss you guys and hope that the weather will let you come see us this weekend! I love playin with kass! Hope you have a great day!
Love you!

Misty, Nate, & Addy said...

Holy Smokes! We've been out of town since last Friday, so when I saw your blog I couldn't believe all that snow! Can't wait to shovel all that when we get home. I guess I shouldn't complain... It's not like I'm actually the one out shoveling the snow! It's what husbands do best right:) haha

Ryan Steph & Jackson said...

What a cutie! She looks like she's having fun with that desert - I would too.