Friday, January 2, 2009

What a wonderful life!

We had a wonderful Christmas spending time with all our family and driving all over the state of Utah. Regardless to say, we're pretty excited to be back at home and in our beds. Kassidy was such a fun and a sweet girl, giving lots of hugs and thank yous for everything she got. Santa brought a toy kitchen and daddy made her a beautiful toy box. We braved the storm that never happened and drove up to grandma Shelly's house. I had a great girls night out with my fab five at Brick Oven on friday and had a blast catching up with them all. Grandma and Grandpa Russon were next and the Russon family party in Logan was great. We even got to go see Kevin's Grandma Wright in the rest home. I think Kassidy must be very confused with all the grandma's we introduced her to this Christmas (I think there were 7!). We're so blessed to have such wonderful family who spoiled us and allowed us to camp at their homes. We even had a great New Years party at our house with Kevin's brothers, but I didn't take any pictures. Although Christmas is over, we still have one more party to attend this weekend when my cousin Haylee will be coming out to visit. Happy New Year everyone!
Kassidy loved her Elmo baby toy. She recognized it from the eyeballs poking out of the present.
Kassidy and Great Grandma Hicken giving loves.
Me and my girlies at Brick Oven. Jen, Me, Janelle (she's engaged!), Marie and Alyssa.
Kassidy, Grandma Russon and Uncle Logan sledding.

Me and my cute brother Kevin at Temple Square.Daddy and Kass on the Trax going back from Temple Square.

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Ange and Jo said...

Robyn, I found your blog today and was so excited. We sure have missed you at church. I was wondering if you have another ward activity in the making because you sure do a good job at them and they are so fun.