Thursday, February 19, 2009

My handsome man

Thanks to our grandparents we were able to get Kevin a new suit for his interview in a couple weeks. I made Kevin try on the whole ensemble and do a little fashion show for me...he wasn't to thrilled. But he just looked so darn handsome that I had to show off a pic or two.
Doesn't he look sharp? Hopefully it'll help with his interview and first impressions, not that he needs help :)


kim said...

ooow! Lookin Sharp Good luck on your interview!

Love you Guys

Kent and Melanie: said...

What a stud! We hope everything goes well with the interview! We are prayin for you! Love Ya

Kristin said...

Good luck on your interview bro....and we will definitely join in the fast.

Ryan Steph & Jackson said...

Love it when our handsom guys get new clothes!