Saturday, May 8, 2010


Mothers Day is such a wonderful time to reflect upon the women who have made such big impacts in our lives. Our family has been blessed with many mothers who are great examples to us all and love us unconditionally.

First of all, my mother is my example and hero, and always has great advice when I call to talk. She's an angel and is the strongest woman I know. She is a woman of integrity who I know will always do the right thing. THis example has been the most important in my life. I love you mom!

Kevin's mom, Karen, is the sweetest woman I know. She always has something kind to say about everyone and is willing to drop anything to help out her kids. She's raised 7 wonderful children and I'm lucky enough to be married to one of them. Thanks for raising Kevin to be such an amazing husband and father Karen!

Next, I am blessed to have another mother, my step-mom Cathy. She took on a big load when she married my Dad 9 years ago and got 5 step-kids. But she's taken it all in a stride and has always shown us the love and kindness we needed in difficult times. We love you Cathy!

We also have some honorable mentions: to our amazing Grandma's (there are too many to count) who love us so much and send cards and good wishes our way. We wouldn't be here without you! Also, my sweet Aunt Jennette has been like a mother to us and grandmother to Kassidy since we moved so far away from all ours. We love her too!

Finally, I am extremely blessed to be the mother of a perfect child (well, almost perfect). Kassidy, you make me so happy each day and I love spending the days with you. You are an angel and so sweet to me. I appreciate how you obey so well and are constantly giving me hugs and kisses. I know you'll be a wonderful big sister too. I love you Diddle-doo!
Happy Mothers Day to all the mothers out there!

Kevin's Mom and Kassidy

Kassidy and my cute step-mom, Cathy.

My sweet Grandma Hicken, my wonderful mom, and Kassidy

My Aunt Jennette and Kassidy (she calls her Grandma Jennette)


kim said...

Very sweet! You are such an awsome mom and sis-in-law . love you tons. I miss that little princess too. I hope you had a wonderful mother's Day.

Cammee said...

That picture of you and Kassidy is adorable! I love your mom. She is such a wonderful example to everyone. I thought the last picture of your aunt was your mom, I had to look twice!